GPS Signals Are Being Disrupted in Russian Cities

Ukrainian Gov’t Networks Breached via Trojanized Windows 10 Installers

Researchers Uncover MirrorFace Cyber Attacks Targeting Japanese Political Entities

Senate Passes Bill Banning TikTok From Government Devices

Instagram Launches New Tool to Help Hacked Users Regain Account Access

Meta’s Tricky Quest to Protect Your Account

Wyden Urges FTC Probe Into ‘Sensitive Internet Metadata’ Sold to U.S. Government

Technology Executives Signal Spending in 2023 Even as the Sector Goes Through Massive Layoffs

GitHub to Require All Users to Enable 2FA by the End of 2023

GitHub Rolls Out Free Secret Scanning for All Public Repositories

Top Cybersecurity Predictions 2023

Data Destruction Policies in the Age of Cloud Computing: Adjust to Reality
FuboTV Hit With Cyberattack During World Cup Semifinal Match

Social Blade Confirms Breach After Hacker Posts Stolen User Data

Avem Health Partners (OK) Files Data Breach Stemming from Incident at 365 Data Centers

Lakeside Software (MI) Data Breach After Incident Results in Leaked SSNs

Hope College (MI) Warns of Potential Data Breach

Potential Cyber Attack Hits Victoria’s Peak (Australia) Fire Response Agency

Lego Bricklink Bugs Let Hackers Hijack Accounts, Breach Servers

Phishing Attack Uses Facebook Posts to Evade Email Security

Loan Scam Campaign ‘MoneyMonger’ Exploits Flutter to Hide Malware

Microsoft Reclassifies SPNEGO Extended Negotiation Security Vulnerability as ‘Critical’

Microsoft Removes Windows 11 Update Block for PCs With Gaming Issues

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