Big Tech Bills Left Out of Sweeping Government Spending Bill

Russian APT Hackers Targeted Petroleum Refinery in NATO Country During Ukraine War

Raspberry Robin Worm Drops Fake Malware to Confuse Researchers

KmsdBot Botnet Suspected of Being Used as DDoS-for-Hire Service

VirusTotal Cheat Sheet Makes It Easy to Search for Specific Results

Krebs: Hacked Ring Cams Used to Record Swatting Victims

Two New York Men Arrested for Conspiring With Russians to Hack JFK Taxi System

Microsoft Will Turn off Exchange Online Basic Auth in January

Cybersecurity is a Team Sport – Avoid the ‘Us and Them’ Culture

The Importance Of Putting Employees At The Center Of A Security Strategy

2023 Cybersecurity Forecasts: Zero Trust, Cloud Security Will Top Spending
Cybercriminals Launch New BrasDex Android Trojan Targeting Brazilian Banking Users

Play Ransomware Gang Uses New Microsoft Exchange Exploit to Breach Servers

Cyber Attack Affects Phones, Website at Toronto’s SickKids Hospital

Ransomware Hackers Take Demands Directly to Knox College Students: ‘for You, It’s a Sad Day’

Personal Info of 37,000 People Exposed in Whitehall (OH) Ransomware Data Breach

P2 Energy Solutions (CO) Data Breach Leaks Social Security Numbers of 69K Consumers

Order Express (IL) Reports Data Breach Affecting the Info of Over 63k Consumers

Google Ad Fraud Campaign Used Adult Content to Make Millions

Hackers Bombard PyPi Platform With Information-Stealing Malware

McGraw Hill’s S3 Buckets Exposed 100,000 Students’ Grades and Personal Info

Organizations Warned of New Attack Vector in Amazon Web Services

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