China Hacked Japan’s Sensitive Defense Networks, Officials Say

North Korean ‘ScarCruft’ Hackers Breached Top Russian Missile Maker

Microsoft’s AI Red Team Has Already Made the Case for Itself

Criminals Have Created Their Own ChatGPT Clones

New Malware Campaign Targets Inexperienced Cyber Criminals with OpenBullet Configs

Stalkerware Slinger LetMeSpy Shuts Down for Good After Database Robbery

Meta Accused of Ignoring Reports on Dangerous Content

Cyber Insurer Resilience Secures $100 Million in Funding
Russian ‘NoName057’ Hacktivists Overwhelm Spanish Sites With DDoS

Colorado Warns Hackers Stole 16 Years of Public School Data in Ransomware Attack

Invisible Ad Fraud Targets Korean Android Users

New SkidMap Linux Malware Variant Targeting Vulnerable Redis Servers

Google Play Apps With 2.5M Installs Load Ads When Screen’s Off

Mallox Ransomware Group Revamps Malware Variants, Evasion Tactics

Hackers Increasingly Abuse Cloudflare Tunnels for Stealthy Connections

Selling Software to the US Government? Know Security Attestation First

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