Hackers Spied on Diplomats in Belarus, Researchers Say

U.S. Cyber Body to Review Cloud Computing Safety, Microsoft Breach

An Apple Malware-Flagging Tool Is ‘Trivially’ Easy to Bypass

Zoom ZTP & AudioCodes Phones Flaws Uncovered, Exposing Users to Eavesdropping

Ford Says Cars With WiFi Vulnerability Still Safe to Drive

America’s Original Hacking Supergroup Creates a Free Framework to Improve App Security

Lapsus$ Hacker Group Exposed in Latest CSRB Report

‘Bulletproof’ Hosting Site LolekHosted That Allegedly Enabled 400 Ransomware Attacks Seized, Founder Artur Grabowski Indicted

Judge Sends Sam Bankman-Fried to Jail Over Alleged Witness Tampering

Xiaomi’s MIUI Now Flags Telegram as Dangerous in China

Amazon AWS Distances Itself From Moq Amid Data Collection Controversy

UK Gov Keeps Repeating Its Voter Registration Website Is Not a Scam
Copper Miner Freeport-McMoRan Reports Cybersecurity Incident

Belt Railway Company of Chicago, U.S.’s Largest Switching & Terminal RR, Investigating Ransomware Data Theft

DroxiDat-Cobalt Strike Duo Targets Power Generator Network

New SystemBC Malware Variant Targets Southern African Power Company

Knight Ransomware Distributed in Fake TripAdvisor Complaint Emails

MaginotDNS Attacks Exploit Weak Checks for DNS Cache Poisoning

Multiple Flaws Found in the Avada WordPress Theme and Plugin

Multiple Flaws in CyberPower and Dataprobe Products Put Data Centers at Risk

16 New CODESYS SDK Flaws Expose OT Environments to Remote Attacks

New Python URL Parsing Flaw Could Enable Command Execution Attacks

Hackers Launch Cyberattacks Against U.S. Satellite, Requested by Pentagon

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