U.S. Lawmaker Says FBI Notified Him of Email Breach Linked to China-Based Microsoft Cloud Hack

Chinese Media Teases Imminent Exposé of Seismic U.S. Spying Scheme

North Korean Hackers Suspected in New Wave of Malicious npm Packages

LinkedIn Accounts Hacked in Widespread Hijacking Campaign

FBI: Mobile Beta-Testing Apps Are Major Security Risk

Phishing Scams Targeting Small Business on Social Media Including Meta Are a ‘Gold Mine’ for Criminals

Bolstering Africa’s Cybersecurity

Latin Americans Fall Prey to More Online Scams as Cybersecurity Lags

Krebs: Diligere, Equity-Invest Are New Firms of UK Con Man

AI a Top Risk and the Preferred Solution to Financial Crime

How & Why Cybercriminals Fabricate Data Leaks
Discord.io Halts All Operations After Massive Data Breach

Clorox Takes Servers Offline, Notifies Law Enforcement After ‘Unauthorized Activity’

Norfolk and Suffolk: You’re Not Seeing Double – Yet Another UK Copshop Is Confessing to a Data Leak

Prince George’s County Public Schools (MD) Network Hit by Cyber Attack: 4,500 Accounts Affected

Cummins Behavioral Health Systems (IN) Announces Data Breach Following Ransomware Attack

Raccoon Stealer Malware Returns With New Stealthier Version

Cybercriminals Abusing Cloudflare R2 for Hosting Phishing Pages, Experts Warn

Multiple Flaws Found in ScrutisWeb Software Exposes ATMs to Remote Hacking

Almost 2,000 Citrix NetScaler Servers Backdoored in Hacking Campaign

New CVE-2023-3519 Scanner Detects Hacked Citrix ADC, Gateway Devices

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