White House Orders Federal Agencies to Shore up Cybersecurity, Warns of Potential Exposure

Major U.S. Energy Org Targeted in QR Code Phishing Attack

Scammers Exploit Hacked Websites For Phishing

A Third of UK University Students Targeted By Fraud

This $70 Device Can Spoof an Apple Device and Trick You Into Sharing Your Password

Google Released First Quantum-Resilient FIDO2 Key Implementation

NYC Bans TikTok on City-Owned Devices

Northern Irish Police Arrest Man After Data Breach
National Realtor’s Database Hack Disrupts Real Estate Industry, Forces Return to Traditional Methods

Cleveland (TN) City Schools Reports Ransomware Attempt on Devices

Massive 400,000 Proxy Botnet Built With Stealthy Malware Infections

Critical Security Flaws Affect Ivanti Avalanche, Threatening 30,000 Organizations

Experts Uncover Weaknesses in PowerShell Gallery Enabling Supply Chain Attacks

CISA Warns of Critical Citrix ShareFile Flaw Exploited in the Wild

Boards Don’t Want Security Promises — They Want Action

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