U.S. Secret Service: “Massive Fraud” Against State Unemployment Insurance Programs (Krebs)

REvil Ransomware Gang Asks $42m From NY Law Firm, Threatens to Leak Dirt on Trump

Law Firm Targeted by Hackers Says Trump Was Never a Client

UK Power Grid Biz Suffers Outage After Cyber-Attack

Anti-Coronavirus Masks May Thwart Our Creepy Face-Recog Cameras, London Cops Admit

European Debate Over Coronavirus Apps Hints at Potential Rift in U.S.

European Parliament Hit by Major Cyber-Attack

API Attacks Increase During Lockdown

Commerce Department Cracks Down on Huawei’s Access to Chips

Iowa Civil Rights Meeting Zoom-bombed

Likely Breach Shuts Down Arkansas Unemployment Program

Texas Government Agencies Hacked For 2nd Time In Week

Average US Citizen Had Personal Information Stolen at Least 4 Times in 2019

The Lack of Women in Cybersecurity Leaves the Online World at Greater Risk
Australia: New South Wales Government Hit by Data Breach via Phishing Attack

Australia’s Bluescope Steel Says Cyber ‘Incident’ Causing Disruptions

Port Kembla Steelworks Hit by BlueScope Cyber Attack

US Healthcare Admin Firm Management and Network Services (MNS) Admits Data Breach

San Dieguito School District (CA) Hit by Data Breach

European Supercomputers Hacked in Mysterious Cyberattacks

RATicate Group Hits Industrial Firms With Revolving Payloads

Information of Over 115 Million Pakistani Mobile Subscribers Exposed in a Massive Data Leak

WordPress Malware Finds WooCommerce Sites for Magecart Attacks

Hoaxcalls Botnet Exploits Symantec Secure Web Gateways

New Botsight Browser Extension Reveals Twitter Bots

Android Malware Mandrake Stayed Hidden for Years, Infecting Tens of Thousands Smartphones

Quantum Security Goes Live with Samsung Galaxy

Want To Hack A Satellite? Now’s Your Chance To Impress the Air Force

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