Nokia Clinches 5G Deal With BT to Phase Out Huawei’s Kit in EE Network

Biden Campaign Urges Facebook to Remove Trump Posts Spreading ‘Falsehoods’

Krebs: Who’s Behind Monday’s 14-State 911 Outage?

Microsoft Outage Was Not Part of ‘Coordinated Campaign,’ Says Cybersecurity Agency

Microsoft Reports Spike in Foreign Targeting of COVID-19 Researchers, Think Tanks

Universal Health Says Corporate Network Remains Offline

Shipping Firm CMA CGM Says No Communications Breach in Cyber Attack

Amazon One: Palm Scanner Launched for ‘Secure’ Payments
Swatch Shuts Down Some Technology Systems After Cyberattack

Ransomware Hits Us-Based Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Giant

Health-Care Provider Medisys Reports Data Breach Affecting 60,000 Clients

Plane-Tracking Site Flight Radar 24 DDoS’d… Just as Drones Spotted Buzzing Over Azerbaijan and Armenia

Hacker Releases Information on Clark County (NV) Students After Officials Don’t Pay Ransom

Fake Software Crack Sites Used to Push Exorcist 2.0 Ransomware

Over 247k Exchange Servers Unpatched for Actively Exploited Flaw

Cisco Fixes Actively Exploited Bugs in Carrier-Grade Routers

Microsoft Clarifies Patch Confusion for Windows Zerologon Flaw


Federal Agencies Warn of Disinformation Around Cyberattacks on Election Infrastructure

Hacking Voting Systems to Be a Federal Crime in US

Twitter Appoints Rinki Sethi as New Information Security Head

Researchers Uncover Cyber Espionage Operation Aimed At Indian Army

20% of Remote Staff Have Downloaded Company Data on Personal Devices

Awareness Is Everything in Cybersecurity — Until It Wears Off

Tennessee Bureau Urges Parents to Supervise Children Online

OCR Imposes $6.85M Penalty, 2nd Largest HIPAA Violation Fine Ever, on Premera Blue Cross Over Data Breach
Universal Health Services (UHS) Hit With Cyberattack, Potentially Largest Hospital Attack in U.S. History

Shipping Group CMA CGM Says Dealing With Cyber Attack

Scouts Victoria Reports Data Breach After Employee Duped by Phishing Campaign

Data Breach within Elite Comms Group

Montgomery County (TN) Computer Network Back up After Weekend Outage Due to Data Security Breach

Fashion Retailer BrandBQ Exposes Seven Million Customer Records

Windows 7 ‘Upgrade’ Emails Steal Outlook Credentials

REvil Ransomware Deposits $1 Million in Hacker Recruitment Drive


Judge Blocks Trump Administration’s Ban on New TikTok Downloads From U.S. App Stores

White House Chief of Staff Knocks FBI Director Over Testimony on Election Fraud

Tyler Technologies Says Clients Reported Suspicious Logins After Hack

Microsoft Kills 18 Azure Accounts Tied to Nation-State Attacks

Facebook Takes Down More Beijing-Backed Fake Accounts

Google to Temporarily Bar Election-Related Ads After Polls Close on Nov. 3

Facebook Critics Launch Alternative Oversight Board

Could Estonia Be the Model for Secure Online Voting?

Brussels Report: Governments’ Concerns Rise About Pandemic Cyberattacks on Health Care

Industrial Cyberattacks Get Rarer but More Complex

Ring’s Flying In-Home Camera Drone Escalates Privacy Worries

Trump Administration Signs AI Research and Development Agreement With the UK

Student Arrested Over Cyber-attacks on Indiana Schools

Krebs: Who is Tech Investor John Bernard?
Cyber-Partisans Hack Websites of State Channels in Belarus

Hackers Have Infiltrated Many of Washington State’s Agencies

Millcreek Township (PA) Confirms Computer System Hacked

Hungarian Banks, Telecoms Services Briefly Hit by Cyber Attack: Magyar Telekom

FinSpy Spyware for Mac and Linux OS Targets Egyptian Organisations

KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked for $150 Million

Twitter Is Warning Devs That API Keys and Tokens May Have Leaked

Techies Scramble to Fix Airbnb Website Bug That Let Strangers Read Each Others’ Account Messages

Louis Vuitton Fixes Data Leak and Account Takeover Vulnerability

Coffee Machine Hit By Ransomware Attack—Yes, You Read That Right

Most Local Banks Ignore Cyber Security

FortiGate VPN Default Config Allows MitM Attacks

ThunderX Ransomware Silenced With Release of a Free Decryptor

Pastebin Adds ‘Burn After Read’ and ‘Password Protected Pastes’ to the Dismay of the Infosec Community

Microsoft Windows XP Source Code Reportedly Leaked Online


ByteDance Applies for Export License From China as TikTok Deal Waits for Approval

Fears Mount Over Russian and Chinese Hackers Targeting the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

Facebook Removes Hundreds of Accounts Linked to Russian Agencies Ahead of Election

Despite Ransomware Attack, Tyler Technologies Says Election Programs Safe

FBI, DHS Say They Have ‘Not Identified’ Hacking Schemes to Change Vote Tallies Ahead of U.S. Election

FBI Director Casts Doubt on Concerns Over Mail-in Voting Fraud

But Warns That Chinese Hackers Are Still Targeting U.S. COVID-19 Research

Undisclosed Federal Agency Hit With Successful Cyberattack, Data Stolen

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Failed to Safeguard Data

Microsoft Supports Commission Calling for Re-Establishment of U.S. Cyber Czar

UAE, Israeli Cyber Chiefs Discuss Joining Forces to Combat Common Threats

Polish Police Shut Down Hacker Super-Group Involved in Bomb Threats, Ransomware, Sim Swapping
French Based GEFCO Hit by Cyber Attack

Free Apple iPhone 12? Chatbot Scam Spreads Via Texts

Phishing Attacks Are Targeting Your Social Network Accounts

Scammers Drain Bank Accounts Using AnyDesk and Sim-Swapping

Krebs: Microsoft Says Attackers Exploiting ‘ZeroLogon’ Windows Flaw

Mount Locker Ransomware Joins the Multi-Million Dollar Ransom Game

Alien Android Banking Trojan Sidesteps 2FA

Major Instagram App Bug Could’ve Given Hackers Remote Access to Your Phone

Instagram Bug Allowed Crashing the App via Image Sent to Device

Cisco Patch-Palooza Tackles 29 High-Severity Bugs

Cybersecurity: Your Supply Chain Is Now Your Weakest Link

Cyberattacks Are Fast Becoming a Physical Threat


Here’s Why Most Americans Are Not Able to Vote Online in 2020

Treasury Sanctions Individuals, Groups Tied to Russian Malign Influence Activities

Democrats Call for Declassifying Election Threats After Briefing by Trump Officials

Gamer Credentials Now a Booming, Juicy Target for Hackers

Hackers Sell Access to Your Network via Remote Management Apps

Thieves Fail to Auction Bruce Springsteen’s Legal Documents

Supreme Court Review of Hacking Law Puts Cybersecurity Researchers on Alert

Four Former eBay Workers to Plead Guilty in U.S. to Cyberstalking Campaign
Krebs: Govt. Services Firm Tyler Technologies Hit in Apparent Ransomware Attack

India’s COVID-19 Surveillance Tool Exposed Millions of User Data

Town Sports Fitness Chains Suffer Data Breach Affecting 600k Customers

Shopify Insiders Attempted to Steal Customer Transactional Records

OldGremlin Ransomware Group Bedevils Russian Orgs

CISA: LokiBot Stealer Storms Into a Resurgence

AgeLocker Ransomware Targets QNAP NAS Devices, Steals Data

Tor Browser 10 Released to Sync With Latest Firefox ESR Version


‘Hooligan Logic’: Chinese State Media Hardens Stance on TikTok Deal, Casts Doubt Over Beijing’s Approval

Popular TikTok Profiles Promote Scammy Apps Generating $500,000

U.S. Warns ‘Foreign Actors’ Aim to Sow Doubts Over Mail-in Voting

Russian Hackers Use Fake NATO Training Docs to Breach Gov’t Networks

Fatal Hospital Hack Linked to Russia

Government Watchdog Recommends Creation of White House Cyber Director Position

Trump to Meet With Republican State Attorneys General on Tech Liability Shield

Uncomplicated Cyber Insurance Program Launched

Hackers Harassed Teen Daughter of Ransomware Target in St. Louis, Feds Say

Authorities Arrest 179 in Crackdown on Opioid Trafficking on Darknet

British Hacker Sentenced to 5 Years for Blackmailing U.S. Companies
Data Breach at Stony Brook University Hospital

St. Clair County Government (AL) Target of Cyber Attack

Anglicare Sydney Hit by Ransomware

Activision Refutes Claims of 500K-Account Hack

Emotet Double Blunder: Fake ‘Windows 10 Mobile’ and Outdated Messages

Google Cloud Buckets Exposed in Rampant Misconfiguration

Google Chrome Bugs Open Browsers to Attack

Known Citrix Workspace Bug Open to New Attack Vector

Microsoft Overhauls Patch Tuesday Security Update Guide

Firefox 81 Release Kills High-Severity Code-Execution Bugs


‘Unfair’ but Not the Worst-Case Scenario: Chinese State Media Reacts to ‘Reasonable’ TikTok Deal

Chinese Leaders Split Over Releasing Blacklist of U.S. Companies

Murky TikTok Deal Raises Questions About China’s Role

ByteDance Says It Will Not Transfer Algorithm and Technology to Oracle as Part of TikTok Deal

ByteDance Says It Will Own 80% of TikTok Global, Contradicts Trump’s Claims Deal Has ‘Nothing to Do With China’

Oracle Can Now Claim to Be Hosting ‘Two Most Important Sites of Our Generation’ — TikTok and Zoom

2.5 Million U.S. Users Register to Vote Using Facebook, Instagram, Messenger

US CISA: Agencies Must Patch Zerologon Bug by Monday

Phishing Awareness Training Wears off After a Few Months

Firefox for Android Bug Allows ‘Epic Rick-Rolling’
Cyber-Criminals Spoof Texas Government

Activision Accounts Have Been Hacked, Fans Recommended To Change Passwords Immediately

Data of More Than 500,000 Referees Stolen in Botched Ransomware Hack of ArbiterSports

University of Tasmania Students’ Personal Information Exposed in Email Bungle

U of Missouri Health Care Email Hack Exposes Info of 5,000 Patients

Ray-Ban Owner Luxottica Reportedly Hit With Cyberattack

Unsecured Microsoft Bing Server Leaks Search Queries, Location Data

Strava App Shows Your Info to Nearby Users Unless This Setting Is Disabled

Android Malware Bypasses 2FA And Targets Telegram, Gmail Passwords

Popular Password Manager BitWarden Could Have a Critical Vulnerability


U.S. to Rein In TikTok, WeChat on Sunday

Trump Says He Has Approved a Deal for Purchase of TikTok

Federal Judge Blocks Trump Administration’s U.S. WeChat Ban

TikTok: Security Experts Weigh in on the App’s Risks

Twitter Beefs up Security for U.S. Election Candidates

Officials Say NASA Facing Increased Targeting by Foreign and Domestic Hackers

Researchers Discover Six-Year Espionage Campaign Targeting Iranian Dissidents

FinCEN Files: HSBC Moved Ponzi Scheme Millions Despite Warning

SecOps Teams Wrestle with Manual Processes, HR Gaps

The Cybersecurity Threat No One Talks About Is A Simple Code

Lawsuit Accuses Facebook of Using Mobile Phone Cameras to Spy on Instagram Users

Prosecutors Open Homicide Case After Hacker Attack on German Hospital

Cyber-fraud Prevention Company CEO Charged with Fraud
Leading U.S. Laser Developer IPG Photonics Hit With Ransomware

Hackers Leak Details of 1,000 High-Ranking Belarus Police Officers

Argentina Hack Reveals Data on Thousands of Swiss Travellers

Cyber Attack on India’s National Informatics Centre (NIC) Computers

FBI Joins Probe of City Carmel (IN) Website Hack: Site Still Shut Down

Netwalker Goes After the College of the Nurses of Ontario

Tutanota Encrypted Email Service Suffers DDoS Cyberattacks

Google App Engine Feature Abused to Create Unlimited Phishing Pages

Stubborn WooCommerce Plugin Bugs Get Third Patch

A Bug Could Let Attackers Hijack Firefox for Android via Wi-Fi Network

Android 11 — 5 New Security and Privacy Features You Need to Know

Microsoft Sysmon Now Logs Data Copied to the Windows Clipboard

Microsoft Removes Windows Defender Ability After Security Concerns


Politics Surrounding TikTok’s Future in the U.S. Pollute Valid Data Security Concerns, Expert Says

Twitter Mandates Lawmakers, Journalists to Beef up Passwords Heading Into Election

FBI Chief Says Russia Is Trying to Interfere in Election to Undermine Biden

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Hacked After Posting Boarding Pass on Instagram

Video Encoders Using Huawei Chips Have Backdoors and Bad Bugs – Chinese Giant Says It’s Not to Blame

Treasury Dept. Sanctions Iranian Government-Backed Hackers

U.S. Charges Three Iranians Over Satellite Tech Firm Hacking

Krebs: Chinese Antivirus Firm Was Part of APT41 ‘Supply Chain’ Attack
Fatality After German Hospital Hacked

Conroe Independent School District (TX) Makes System Adjustments Following Cyber Attack

Universities Face Increase in Ransomware Attacks as Students Return

Drug Spammers Start Using New Technique to Bypass Spam Filters

Apple Bug Allows Code Execution on iPhone, iPad, iPod

Hands on With iOS 14’s New Data Breach Notification Feature

Maze Ransomware Now Encrypts via Virtual Machines to Evade Detection

Mozi Botnet Accounts for Majority of IoT Traffic

Google Play Bans Stalkerware and ‘Misrepresentation’


Trump Administration Pushes for U.S. Control of TikTok

Joe Biden’s Official App Had a Bug That Exposed User Voting History

Hackers Continue Cyberattacks Against Vatican, Catholic Orgs

FBI adds 5 Chinese APT41 Hackers to its Cyber’s Most Wanted List

U.S. Charges Chinese Nationals in Cyberattacks on More Than 100 Companies

Krebs: Two Russians Charged in $17M Cryptocurrency Phishing Spree
University Hospital New Jersey Hit by SunCrypt Ransomware, Data Leaked

Hackers Take ID Information of Residents at Cincinnati Nursing Homes

Hackers Post Stolen Data From Manitoulin Transport Following Cyber-Attack

LockBit Ransomware Launches Data Leak Site to Double-Extort Victims

This Security Awareness Training Email Is Actually a Phishing Scam

Google Chrome Is Making It Easier to Reset Compromised Passwords


TikTok, Oracle Seek Trump’s Approval as Clock Ticks Down

TikTok Strives to Settle Privacy Lawsuit as Oracle Deal Nears

Chinese Database Details 2.4 Million Influential People, Their Kids, Addresses, and How to Press Their Buttons

Surge in DDoS Attacks Targeting Education and Academic Sector

QR Codes Serve Up a Menu of Security Concerns

Report: 97% of Cybersecurity Companies Have Leaked Data on the Dark Web

Two Hackers Indicted for Allegedly Defacing U.S. Websites After Death of Iranian General
NZX Again Under Cyber Attack, but Trading Continues

Blue Water Hit by Cyber Attack

MFA Bypass Bugs Opened Microsoft 365 to Attack

Windows Exploit Released For Microsoft ‘Zerologon’ Flaw

Windows 10 ‘Finger’ Command Can Be Abused to Download or Steal Files

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Security Open to RCE

Adobe Releases Out-of-Band Security Update for Adobe Media Encoder


TikTok Fixes Flaws That Opened Android App to Compromise

Privacy Issues Found in Vote Joe App

Feds Warn Nation-State Hackers are Actively Exploiting Unpatched Microsoft Exchange, F5, VPN Bugs

UK Government Releases Toolkit to Easily Disclose Vulnerabilities

Researchers, Companies Slam Mobile Voting Firm Voatz for ‘Bad Faith’ Attacks

Trucking Firms Grapple With Cybersecurity Amid New Regulation and Risks

Krebs: Due Diligence That Money Can’t Buy

Blackbaud Ransomware Demonstrates the Potential Devastation Caused by Supply Chain Attacks
VA Hit by Data Breach Impacting 46,000 Veterans

Cloud Leak Exposes 320M Dating-Site Records

Staples Discloses Data Breach Exposing Customer Info

Newhall Schools (CA) Put Virtual Lessons on Hold Due to Ransomware Attack

DeFi Platform bZX Sees New $8m Hack From One Misplaced Line of Code

Magecart Attack Impacts More Than 10K Online Shoppers

Travel Sites Riddled with Hundreds of Vulnerabilities


Oracle Wins Bid for TikTok in U.S., After Microsoft Proposal Rejected

Russia and China Dismiss Microsoft Allegations of Bids to Hack Biden and Trump Camps

Russian-linked APT28 Mounts Rapid, Large-Scale Theft of Office 365 Logins

U.K. Government Funds Cybersecurity Assessments for Smaller Medical Suppliers

Cyber Attacks in Paterson (NJ) Hack Virtual Classrooms With Pornography, Threats Against Teachers

It’s No ‘Giggle’: Managing Expectations for Vulnerability Disclosure

Political Disruptor Charged with Wire Fraud Conspiracy
Fourth Judicial District Court of Louisiana Documents Published in Ransomware Attack

U.S. Staffing Firm Artech Discloses Ransomware Attack, Data Breach

Development Bank of Seychelles Hit by Ransomware Attack

Moffitt Cancer Center (FL): Stolen Briefcase Exposed Data of 4,056 Cancer Patients

WordPress Plugin Flaw Allows Attackers to Forge Emails

Researcher Kept a Major Bitcoin Bug Secret for Two Years to Prevent Attacks


Russian, Chinese Hackers Have Targeted 200 Groups Tied to U.S. Election, Microsoft Says

Kremlin Calls Reports ‘Nonsense’

Treasury Dept. Sanctions Russian, Ukrainian Individuals for Election Interference

Chinese Ambassador’s Twitter Account “Hacked”

Thai Hospitals and Companies Hit by Ransomware Attacks

APT Groups Increasingly Targeting Linux-Based Devices

Zoom Adds Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Support to All Accounts

Hackers Are Fighting a War Over 300k Vulnerable WordPress Sites

How to Talk Vulnerability Management With the C-Suite – and Make Them Care

Floyd Family Considers Legal Action After Alleged Hospital Data Breach
Razer Gaming Fans Caught Up in Data Leak

St. Louis County Takes Down Website to Thwart Hackers

Data Center Giant Equinix Discloses Ransomware Incident

MAZE Claims Attack on Fairfax County Public Schools (VA)

SoftServe Hit by Ransomware, Windows Customization Tool Exploited

CDRThief Malware Targets VoIP Gear in Carrier Networks

New Raccoon Attack Could Let Attackers Break SSL/TLS Encryption

Bluetooth Bug Opens Devices to Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

Office 365 Phishing Runs Real-Time Check of Stolen Domain Logins


Key Swing States Could Face ‘Serious Problems’ With Voting, House Warns

Former DHS Chiefs Call for Stepped-Up Response to Election Threats

Whistleblower Alleges Top DHS Officials Sought to Alter Intelligence Products to Fit Trump’s Comments

TikTok, U.S. Discuss Ways to Avoid Sale

Spyware Labeled ‘TikTok Pro’ Exploits Fears of US Ban

Ireland to Order Facebook to Stop Sending User Data to U.S.

Fake Alert Scams Increasingly Targeting Mobile Networks

Singapore to Begin Nationwide Distribution of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Wearables

Cyber Chiefs Calculate Data Breach Costs to Explain Risks to Executives

Employee Social Media Use Viewed as Risky
Leading U.S. Video Delivery Provider SeaChange International Confirms Ransomware Attack

Fort Dodge Community School District (IA) Cancels Thursday Classes Following Cyber Attack on Internet and Phones

Toledo Public Schools (OH) Provides Update on Cyberattack

NZX Website Hit by Renewed Cyber Attacks, but Trade Continues

TeamTNT Gains Full Remote Takeover of Cloud Instances

Zeppelin Ransomware Returns with New Trojan on Board

Google Squashes Critical Android Media Framework Bug

Samsung Fixes Critical Android Flaws With September Updates

Azure Now Installs Security Updates on Windows VMs Automatically


China Accuses U.S. of ‘Bullying’ as It Touts New Global Data Security Push

Top U.S. Federal Election Protection Official Says No Sign of Infrastructure Hacks

Japan & New Zealand Also Warn of Sudden Uptick in Emotet Trojan Attacks

Officials Warn Privacy Shield Replacement May Be a Long Way Off

DOJ Scam Targets Elderly Americans

Almost a Quarter of UK Work Computers Lack Adequate Security Software

How to Respond to a Data Breach

iPhone Users: Do This Simple Thing Every Week

How Kids’ Videogame Accounts Get Hacked: Advice for Parents

Make Cybersecurity a Strategic Asset

Bug in Google Maps Opened Door to Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

Critical Intel Active Management Technology Flaw Allows Privilege Escalation

Krebs: Microsoft Patch Tuesday, Sept. 2020 Edition
Netwalker Ransomware Hits Pakistan’s Largest Private Power Utility

Major Chilean Bank Banco Estado Shuts Down All Branches Following Ransomware Attack

Hartford (CT) Postpones First Day of School After Ransomware Attack

Pickens School District (SC) Says Cyberattack Caused Internet Outages District-Wide

Texell Credit Union (TX) Reports Data Breach

Eterbase’s Hack: $5 Million From ‘Hot’ Wallets Lost

European Crypto Exchange Falls Victim to $1.6M Hack

Hackers Use Legit Tool to Take Over Docker, Kubernetes Platforms

Webmaster Portal Leaks 63 Million Records

Cryptobugs Found in Numerous Google Play Store Apps

Bug in Google Maps Opened Door to Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

Critical Adobe Flaws Allow Attackers to Run JavaScript in Browsers


China to Launch Initiative to Set Global Data-Security Rules

China Accuses U.S. of ‘Hegemony’ After Trump Administration Threatens to Sanction Chipmaker SMIC

Chinese State Media Accuses India of ‘Jingoism’ Over App Ban

France Warns of Emotet Attacking Companies, Administration

FBI Issues Second Alert About ProLock Ransomware Stealing Data

Netwalker Ransomware Hits Argentinian Government, Demands $4 Million

Election Officials Prepare for New Russian Interference Battle

Trump Security Adviser Says China Has Biggest Election-Interference Program

Trump Administration Rolls Out Policy to Secure Outer Space Technologies Against Cyberattacks

Pentagon Says Microsoft Still Deserves $10 Billion Jedi Cloud Contract

Hackers Acting in ‘Good Faith’ Gain Protections in Homeland Security Order

CEOs Could Be Held Personally Liable for Cyberattacks that Kill

How Black Friday and Cyber Monday Can Go From a Retailer’s Dream Into a CiSO’s Worst Nightmare

Healthcare Makes Case for Blockchain Use Despite Challenges
Israel’s Tower Semi Halts Some Operations After Cyber Attack

Service NSW Reveals 738GB of Customer Data Was Stolen During Email Breach

Sophisticated Phishing Scam Targeting Lloyds Bank Customers

Data Breach At Northwestern Medicine Affects 56,000 Patients, Donors

Personal Info of 1,700 Exposed in Oregon State University Computer Breach

Somerset Berkley Regional High School (MA) a Victim of Ransomware Attack

Two Ventura County (CA) School Districts Affected by Cyber Attack

Roper St. Francis Hospital Employee Email Hack Exposes 6,000 Patient Medical Records

Ransomware Gang Says They Are Behind Newcastle University Attack

New PIN Verification Bypass Flaw Affects Visa Contactless Payments

Attackers Steal Outlook Credentials Via Overlay Screens on Legitimate Sites

Windows 10 Sandbox Activation Enables Zero-Day Vulnerability

Windows 10 Themes Can Be Abused to Steal Windows Accounts

WhatsApp Discloses 6 Bugs via Dedicated Security Site


Russia Is ‘Amplifying’ Claims of Mail-In Voter Fraud, Intel Bulletin Warns

Top Democrats Press Trump to Sanction Russian Individuals Over 2020 Election Interference Efforts

Facebook and Twitter Labeled Trump’s Post About Voting Twice

India Bans 118 Chinese Apps, Including Tencent’s Hit Games, as Border Tensions Flare Up

U.S. Seizes Domains Used by Terrorists

CISA Pushes Vulnerability Disclosure Policies

Homeland Security to Propose Biometric Collection Rules

Chief Executives Face Rising Accountability for Cyber Lapses

MIT Helping Companies Prioritize Their Cybersecurity Investments

Krebs: The Joys of Owning an ‘OG’ Email Account

Teen Arrested for Alleged Cyberattacks on Miami-Dade Schools
Warner Music Group Finds Hackers Compromised Its Online Stores

CNN-News18 Allegedly Hacked to Deny PayTM Hack Claims

Cyber Threat Startup Cygilant Hit by Ransomware

King George Schools (VA) Shut Down by Apparent Cyberattack

FBI: Thousands of Orgs Targeted by RDoS Extortion Campaign

European ISPs Report Mysterious Wave of DDoS Attacks

Evilnum APT Adds Python-based PyVil RAT to Target FinTech

Facebook to Warn Third-Party Developers of Vulnerable Code

Google Rolls Out Secure DNS Support to Chrome for Android

Google Ups Product-Abuse Bug Bounties


Twitter Confirms Account of India PM Modi’s Personal Website Hacked

DHS Withheld July Intelligence Bulletin Calling Out Russian Attack on Biden’s Mental Health

DHS Cyber Agency Issues Order Boosting Cybersecurity Vulnerability Reporting

U.S. Agencies Must Adopt Vulnerability-Disclosure Policies by March 2021

CISA Funds SLTT Cybersecurity Project

UK NCSC Releases Cyber-Guidance

Australian Government Releases Voluntary IoT Cybersecurity Code of Practice

China-based APT TA413 Debuts Sepulcher Malware in Spear-Phishing Attacks

U.S. Court: Mass Surveillance Program Exposed by Snowden Was Illegal

Remote Learning During Pandemic Brings Privacy Risks

Don’t Forget Cybersecurity on Your Back-to-School List

Most Consumers Will Trade Their Data for Personalization

Blackbaud: Hackers Have Donor Lists from 200 Institutions, Including the Smithsonian and the UK’s National Trust

Darknet Moderator Jailed for 11 Years
New Zealand’s Mount Ruapehu’s Skifields Latest to Be Hit by Cyber Attacks

Hackers Actively Exploiting Severe Bug in Over 300k WordPress Sites

Somerset Berkley Regional High School (MA) a Victim of Ransomware Attack

Northumbria University Suffers Major Disruption After Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack at the Sixth Form Bolton Delays Students Returning

Joker Spyware Plagues More Google Play Apps

Attackers Abuse Google DNS Over HTTPS to Download Malware

Triple-Threat Cryptocurrency RAT KryptoCibule Mines, Steals and Harvests

Emotet Malware Uses Fake ‘Windows 10 Mobile’ Attachments

Microsoft Defender Can Ironically Be Used to Download Malware

Cisco Fixes Critical Code Execution Bug in Jabber for Windows


TikTok Deal Talks Are Snarled Over Fate of App’s Algorithms

Chinese Researcher Arrested in Illegal Tech Theft Probe

Hackers Test Defenses of Trump Campaign Websites Ahead of U.S. Election, Security Staff Warn

U.S. Voter Databases Offered for Free on Dark Web, Report

Federal Agencies Deny Seeing Attacks on Voting Infrastructure

Michigan Denies Hack After Public Voter Information Found on Russian Online Forum

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Are Donating $300 Million to Voting Efforts

Norwegian Parliament Discloses Cyber-Attack on Internal Email System

FBI: Ring Smart Doorbells Could Sabotage Cops

U.S. Jails Racist Cyber-stalker

Authorities Identify Another Teenager Behind Massive Twitter Hack
Iran-based Pioneer Kitten APT Sells Corporate Network Access

New Zealand’s MetService Offline Again Today After Cyber Attack

Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ Virtual Learning System Hit by Cyber Attack

Mansfield City Schools (OH) : No Personal Data Compromised During Cyber Attack

Cyber-Criminals Mimicking Global Brand Domain Names to Launch Scams

Over 400 GOV.UK Domains Found on Spam Blacklists

Credit Card Data Smuggled via Private Telegram Channel

Magento Sites Vulnerable to RCE Stemming From Magmi Plugin Flaws

Google Now Pays for Bugs Used to Bypass Its Anti-Fraud Systems

New Threat Activity by Lazarus Group Spells Trouble For Orgs


Google-Facebook Ditch Plans to Dock Giant Data Cable in Hong Kong After U.S. Gov’t Concerns

Proposed Rules to Protect Bulk Power Grid From Foreign Targeting Raise Concerns

Amazon’s Prime Air Inches Closer to Takeoff in the U.S. With FAA Approval

Stolen Fortnite Accounts Earn Hackers Millions Per Year

Average BEC Attempts Are Now $80k, but One Group Is Aiming for $1.27m per Attack

Ransomware Negotiators Gain Prominence as Attacks Increase

Cybersecurity Is the ‘Blind Spot’ That Can Derail Some of Wall Street’s Biggest M&A Deals

Cybersecurity Is Increasingly Challenging for Academia

Internet Outage Causes Chess Championship Draw

Mozilla Research: Browsing Histories Are Unique Enough to Reliably Identify Users
New Zealand Bourse Website Hit by Fresh Cyberattack, but Keeps Trading

Fresno-Area Schools Cancel Online Classes Due to Ransomware Attacks, Internet Outages

More Than 50,000 New South Wales Driver’s Licences Exposed in Mystery Data Leak

Australian Company Jands Appears to Have Been Hit by Windows Ransomware

American Payroll Association Discloses Credit Card Theft Incident

Hackers Are Backdooring QNAP NAS Devices With 3-Year Old RCE Bug

Cisco Warns of Actively Exploited Bug in Carrier-Grade Routers

Critical Slack Bug Allows Access to Private Channels, Conversations

Android Users Bugged by Fake Popups

Apple Accidentally Notarizes Shlayer Malware Used in Adware Campaign