‘Unfair’ but Not the Worst-Case Scenario: Chinese State Media Reacts to ‘Reasonable’ TikTok Deal

Chinese Leaders Split Over Releasing Blacklist of U.S. Companies

Murky TikTok Deal Raises Questions About China’s Role

ByteDance Says It Will Not Transfer Algorithm and Technology to Oracle as Part of TikTok Deal

ByteDance Says It Will Own 80% of TikTok Global, Contradicts Trump’s Claims Deal Has ‘Nothing to Do With China’

Oracle Can Now Claim to Be Hosting ‘Two Most Important Sites of Our Generation’ — TikTok and Zoom

2.5 Million U.S. Users Register to Vote Using Facebook, Instagram, Messenger

US CISA: Agencies Must Patch Zerologon Bug by Monday

Phishing Awareness Training Wears off After a Few Months

Firefox for Android Bug Allows ‘Epic Rick-Rolling’
Cyber-Criminals Spoof Texas Government

Activision Accounts Have Been Hacked, Fans Recommended To Change Passwords Immediately

Data of More Than 500,000 Referees Stolen in Botched Ransomware Hack of ArbiterSports

University of Tasmania Students’ Personal Information Exposed in Email Bungle

U of Missouri Health Care Email Hack Exposes Info of 5,000 Patients

Ray-Ban Owner Luxottica Reportedly Hit With Cyberattack

Unsecured Microsoft Bing Server Leaks Search Queries, Location Data

Strava App Shows Your Info to Nearby Users Unless This Setting Is Disabled

Android Malware Bypasses 2FA And Targets Telegram, Gmail Passwords

Popular Password Manager BitWarden Could Have a Critical Vulnerability

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