Social Media Influencer Charged with Election Interference

Facebook ‘Supreme Court’ Orders Social Network to Restore 4 Posts in 1st Rulings

Robinhood Restricts Trading of Companies Targeted by Reddit Users

Jack Ma’s Ant Plans Major Revamp in Response to Chinese Pressure

If You Want to Get Through China’s Great Firewall, Don’t Forget Shadowsocks

Utah Ponders Making Online ‘Catfishing’ a Crime

Facial Recognition: Don’t Use It to Snoop on How Staff Are Feeling, Says Watchdog

Microsoft: 8 Trillion Daily Signals Power Our Cybersecurity Services

Talent and Capital Are Shifting Cybersecurity Investors’ Focus Away From Silicon Valley
USCellular Hit by a Data Breach After Hackers Access CRM Software

Crisp Regional Health Services (GA) Falls Victim to Ransomware Attack

Italy CERT Warns of a New Credential Stealing Android Malware ‘Oscorp’

Rocke Group’s Malware Now Has Worm Capabilities

LogoKit Simplifies Office 365, SharePoint ‘Login’ Phishing Pages

Hezbollah Hackers Attack Unpatched Atlassian Servers at Telcos, ISPs

Microsoft: North Korean ‘Zinc’ Hackers ‘Likely’ Hit Researchers With Chrome Exploit

Google Chrome Blocks 7 More Ports to Stop NAT Slipstreaming Attacks

How to Make Cybersecurity a Top Priority for Boards and CFOs


Biden’s Cyber Priorities Zero in on Russian Hack

McCaul Urges Senators to Block Vote on Commerce Secretary Over Huawei Concerns

What Tech Can the President Use?

Krebs: International Action Targets Emotet Crimeware

Europol: Emotet Malware Will Uninstall Itself on March 25th

Krebs: Arrest, Seizures Tied to NetWalker Ransomware

New Zealand Financial Markets Regulator Says NZX Failed to Meet Tech Standards

Many Cybersecurity Job Candidates Are Subpar, On-the-Job Training Falls Short

Tampa Cybersecurity Firm ReliaQuest Hired to Protect Super Bowl From Hackers

Insurers Defend Covering Ransomware Payments

Grindr Faces $11.7m Data Privacy Fine
Warning Issued Over Hackable ADT’s LifeShield Home Security Cameras

Midland University Update on Auxiliary Systems Ransomware Incident

TeamTNT Cloaks Malware With Open-Source Tool

Remote Attackers Can Now Reach Protected Network Devices via NAT Slipstreaming

New Docker Container Escape Bug Affects Microsoft Azure Functions

Apple Patches Three Actively Exploited Zero-Days, Part of iOS Emergency Update

Microsoft Rolls Out Application Guard for Office to All Customers

Here’s how a researcher broke into Microsoft VS Code’s GitHub

Microsoft’s Security Business Swells to $10 Billion

Apple, Facebook Report Increase in Earnings at the End of 2020


Google: North Korea Hackers Use Social Media to Target Security Researchers

I Was Targeted by North Korean 0-Day Hackers Using a Visual Studio Project

The Massive SolarWinds Hack and the Future of Cyber Espionage

Mimecast Links Security Breach to SolarWinds Hackers

Three Others Too

Biden Presses Putin on Navalny Arrest and Massive Cyber Hack in First Phone Call

Biden Administration Appoints Chris Derusha as Federal CISO

Governors Hear About the Dangers of a Lackluster CyberResponse, Need for FBI Coordination

South African Government Releases Its Own Browser Just to Re-Enable Flash Support

U.S. Cyber Intel Officer Gets 11 Years for Kidnapping Her Kid, Trying to Defect to Russia

Hacker Admits Targeting Major U.S. Websites
Targeted Phishing Attacks Strike High-Ranking Company Executives

23M Gamer Records Exposed in VIPGames Leak

TikTok Flaw Lay Bare Phone Numbers, User IDs For Phishing Attacks

Pan-Asian Retail Giant Dairy Farm Suffers REvil Ransomware Attack

Scottish Prison Service Hit by Cyber Attack as Hackers ‘From Morocco’ Target Website

Cybercriminals Use Deceased Staff Accounts to Spread Nemty Ransomware

Nefilim Ransomware Gang Hits Jackpot with Ghost Account

DanaBot Malware Roars Back into Relevancy

New Linux SUDO Flaw Lets Local Users Gain Root Privileges

Google Fixes Severe Golang Windows RCE Vulnerability

Nvidia Squashes High-Severity Jetson DoS Flaw


Biden Admin Vows to Hold China ‘Accountable’ While Weighing Approach to Huawei, TikTok

Assembling Government Cyber Team

Outgoing FCC Chair Issues Final Security Salvo Against China

High-Profile Hacks Spark Calls for Global Cyber Response

EMA Says Some Leaked COVID-19 Documents ‘Taken Out of Context’

Beware of Active UK NHS COVID-19 Vaccination Phishing Campaign

Ransomware Gangs Are Using These Techniques to Make Victims More Likely to Pay Up

Australia’s Securities Regulator Says Server Hit by Cyber Security Breach

Facebook to Grant Researchers Access to Targeting Information About Political Ads

Twitter Launches User Forum to Combat Misinformation

Google Unions Around the World Form Alpha Global Alliance

That Cute Robot Cop Can Instantly Work Out Who You Are
Hacker Leaks Data of 2.28 Million MeetMindful Dating Site Users

Leading Crane Maker Palfinger Hit in Global Cyberattack

Ransomware Gang Taunts IObit With Repeated Forum Hacks

Tata Sky, Croma Site Vulns Exposed Sensitive Customer Data of Millions

323,277 Cook County, Illinois Records Exposed

Ohio Job and Family Services Security Vulnerability May Have Exposed Personal Data

Florida Breast Cancer Practice Takes EHR Offline Following Cyber Attack

WestRock Company Hit With Cyber Attack

Georgetown County (SC) Falls Victim to Cyber Attack

A New Wormable Android Malware Spreading Through WhatsApp

Cisco DNA Center Bug Opens Enterprises to Remote Attack

Former LulzSec Hacker Releases VPN Zero-Day Used to Hack Hacking Team


After Big Hack of U.S. Government, Biden Enlists ‘World Class’ Cybersecurity Team

The Next Pandemic May Be Cyber — How Biden Administration Can Stop It

Democrats Seek Answers on Impact of Russian Cyberattack on Justice Department, Courts

Russian Government Warns of U.S. Retaliatory Cyberattacks

Intelligence Agency Gathers U.S. Smartphone Location Data Without Warrants, Memo Says

SEPA Shrugs off 4,000 Files Dumped Online, Saying It’s Nothing Big

Avaddon Now Uses DDoS Attacks to Force Ransomware Victims to Pay, Joining SunCrypt & RagnarLocker

ADT Tech Hacks Home-Security Cameras to Spy on Women

Tesla Sues Former Employee for Allegedly Stealing Software

Facebook Users Were Mass-Logged Out Friday by Configuration Change

How Cybersecurity Newbs Can Start Out on the Right Foot
SonicWall Hacked Using 0-Day Bugs In Its Own VPN Product

Intel: Hackers Stole Unpublished Earnings Info From Corporate Site

Data Breach at Buyucoin Crypto Exchange Leaks User Info, Trades

Bonobos Clothing Store Suffers a Data Breach, Hacker Leaks 70GB

Clop Ransomware Gang Dumps Sensitive Files From Atlantic Records’ London Ad Agency The7stars Online

MyFreeCams Site Hacked to Steal Info of 2 Million Paying Users, Offering to Sell for Bitcoin

Amazon Kindle RCE Attack Starts with an Email

Discord-Stealing CursedGrabber Malware Invades npm Packages

Experts Detail A Recent Remotely Exploitable Windows Vulnerability

SAP SolMan Exploit Released for Max Severity Pre-Auth Flaw

Drupal Releases Fix for Critical Vulnerability With Known Exploits


Biden Names Acting Chairs to Lead FCC, FTC

Biden’s COVID-19 Strategy Includes Intel Review of Cyber Risks to Vaccine Rollout

Altered Vaccine Data Exposes Critical Cyber Risks

Federal Cyber Agency Announces New Campaign to Fight Ransomware Attacks

Cyber Criminals Publish More Than 4,000 Stolen SEPA Files

Laptops Given to British Schoolkids Came Preloaded With Malware and Talked to Russia When Booted

Google Searches Expose Stolen Corporate Credentials

Google Forms Set Baseline For Widespread BEC Attacks

Singapore Widens Security Labelling to Include All Consumer IoT Devices

Krebs: DDoS-Guard To Forfeit Internet Space Occupied by Parler

Judge Denies Request for Amazon to Immediately Restore Parler

House Oversight Committee Chair Requests FBI Probe of Parler for Alleged Ties to Russia and Its Role in Capitol Siege

France Arrests 14 Over Online Child Sexual Abuse
Intel’s Financially Sensitive Information Stolen by Hacker

Hacker Leaks Data of Millions of Teespring Users

Einstein Healthcare (PA) Network Announces August Breach

Chwapi Hospital (Belgium) Hit by Windows BitLocker Encryption Cyberattack

Ransomware Attack on Mailing Service Exposes Info of 20,000+ Salem Clinic / Oregon Heart Center Patients

French Car Renting Service ‘UCAR’ Victimized by Ransomware Actors

Personal Info May Have Been Compromised in Cyber Attack on Haywood School District (NC)

Ransomware Is Now the Biggest Cybersecurity Concern for CISOs

SQL Server Malware Tied to Iranian Software Firm, Researchers Allege: MrbMiner Campaign

Windows Remote Desktop Servers Now Used to Amplify DDoS Attacks

QNAP Warns Users to Secure NAS Devices Against Dovecat Malware

Microsoft Edge Gets a Password Generator, Leaked Credentials Monitor


Trump Seeks to Curb Foreign Cyber Meddling on Last Day in Office

Pardons Ex-Google, Uber Engineer Who Plead Guilty to Stealing Trade Secrets

Is Joe Biden’s Peloton Bike Really a Cybersecurity Risk?

Rob Joyce to Take Over as NSA Cybersecurity Director

Chinese Hacking Group Chimera Is Stealing Airline Passenger Details

Cyberattack Fears Raise the Alarm in Eastern European Countries

Microsoft Shares How SolarWinds Hackers Evaded Detection

Quarter of Orgs Don’t Offer Cybersecurity Training Due to Lack of Budget

World Economic Forum Launches How-to Guide on Using Technology Ethically

Monitoring of Employees Faces Scrutiny in Europe
Hacker Leaks Full Database of 77 Million Nitro PDF User Records

Hacker Posts 1.9 Million Pixlr User Records for Free on Forum

NVIDIA Gamers Face DoS, Data Loss from Shield TV Bugs

Butler County (OH) Reinforces Cybersecurity After Holiday Attack

Indonesia’s Diponegoro University Responds to Student Data Breach Allegation

Retail and Hospitality Facing Deluge of Critical Web App Flaws

Critical Cisco SD-WAN Bugs Allow RCE Attacks

List of DNSpooq Vulnerability Advisories, Patches, and Updates

VLC Media Player 3.0.12 Fixes Multiple Remote Code Execution Flaws

Google Chrome Now Checks for Weak Passwords, Helps Fix Them


Biden DHS, Intel Picks Stress Need to Prioritize Cybersecurity After SolarWinds Hack

Malwarebytes Says Some of Its Emails Were Breached by SolarWinds Hackers

SolarWinds Malware Arsenal Widens with Raindrop

FireEye Publishes Details of SolarWinds Hacking Techniques, Gives Free Tool to Detect Signs of Intrusion

SolarWinds Attack Underscores ‘New Dimension’ in Cyber-Espionage Tactics

Police Arrest Woman FBI Says May Have Tried to Sell Pelosi Computer Device

Krebs: New Charges Derail COVID Release for Hacker Who Aided ISIS

Suspicious Vaccine-Related Domains Triple

Interpol: Trading Scammers Lure Love-Struck Victims via Dating Apps

Awareness Isn’t Enough: It’s Time for Security Leaders to Change Behaviors
Atlanta Synagogue Reports Cyber-Attack

Okanogan County (BC) Hit by Cyber Attack, Affecting Phone and Email

Hendrick Health System (TX) Cyber Attack Exposes Patients’ Personal Info

Livecoin Slams Its Doors Shut After Failing to Recover From Hack

Cloud Config Error at Defunct App Fleek Exposes X-Rated College Pics

Bugs in Signal, Facebook, Google Chat Apps Let Attackers Spy on Users

Fake Collaboration Apps Are Stealing Data as Staff Struggle With Home Working Security

Linux Devices Under Attack by New FreakOut Malware

MAZE Exfiltration Tactic Widely Adopted

DNSpooq Flaws Allow DNS Hijacking of Millions of Devices


Woman May Have Tried to Sell Pelosi Computer Device to Russians, FBI Says

FBI Warns of Vishing Attacks Stealing Corporate Accounts

UK Police Warn of Sextortion Attempts in Intimate Online Dating Chats

Scottish Environment Protection Agency Refuses to Pay Ransomware Crooks Over 1.2GB of Stolen Data

Google Cloud: We Do Use Some SolarWinds, but We Weren’t Affected by Mega Hack

SolarWinds Hack Is Quickly Reshaping Congress’s Cybersecurity Agenda

No U.S. Trial for Irish Hacker
OpenWRT Reports Data Breach After Hacker Gained Access to Forum Admin Account

IObit Forums Hacked in Widespread DeroHE Ransomware Attack

Hackers Are Selling Depop App Account Details on the Dark Web for Cheap

Stolen Employee Credentials Put Leading Gaming Companies at Risk of Severe Cyber Attacks

Microsoft Defender to Enable Full Auto-Remediation by Default

More on Joker’s Stash’s End (Krebs)


China A.I. Firms and Huawei Filed to Patent Technology That Could Identify Uighur Muslims

Xiaomi Denies Any Ties With Chinese Military

How Law Enforcement Gets Around Your Smartphone’s Encryption

UK Accidentally Deletes 150k Arrest Records

New Coalition Aims to Combat Growing Wave of Ransomware Attacks

Iconic BugTraq Security Mailing List Shuts Down After 27 Years

Joker’s Stash, The Largest Carding Marketplace, Announces Shutdown

WhatsApp Delays Controversial Privacy Update

Google Boots 164 Apps From Play Marketplace for Shady Ad Practices

Teens Have Never Known a World Without Data Sharing, and It’s Creating a False Sense of Security

Privacy-Focused Search Engine DuckDuckGo Grew by 62% in 2020
Hackers Leaked Altered Pfizer Data to Sabotage Trust in Vaccines

Hackers Leak Trucker, Rail Worker Medical Records From UPS, Norfolk Southern

Scotland Environmental Regulator Hit by ‘Ongoing’ Ransomware Attack

Exclusive Wentworth Golf Club Hacked

India Seizes Bitcoins Worth $1.2 Million From Hacker of Gov’t Website and Crypto Exchanges

Undisclosed Apache Velocity XSS Vulnerability Impacts GOV Sites

Windows Finger Command Abused by Phishing to Download Malware

Windows 10 Bug Causes a BSOD Crash When Opening a Certain Path

Microsoft Implements Windows Zerologon Flaw ‘Enforcement Mode’

Apple Kills MacOS Feature Allowing Apps to Bypass Firewalls


Biden Includes Over $10 Billion in Cyber, IT Funds as Part of COVID-19 Relief Proposal

Christopher Krebs: Infrastructure Operators ‘Need to Be Assembling Their Crisis Management Teams Yesterday’

UK Ministry of Defence’s Cyber Warfare Drive Is Burn a Hole Through Its Budget, Warns National Audit Office

NSA Warns Against Using DoH Inside Enterprise Networks

Phishing Warning: These Are the Brands Most Likely to Be Impersonated by Crooks

SolarWinds Defense: How to Stop Similar Attacks

Silicon Valley’s Share of Venture Capital Expected to Drop Below 20% for the First Time This Year

Nintendo Uses Copyright Claims to Take Down Game & Watch Hacking Videos
Facebook: Malicious Chrome Extension Developers Scraped Profile Data

Verified Twitter Accounts Hacked in $580k ‘Elon Musk’ Crypto Scam

Amazon’s Ring Neighbors App Exposed Users’ Precise Locations and Home Addresses

Ring Adds End-to-End Encryption to Quell Security Uproar

Telegram Bots at Heart of Classiscam Scam-as-a-Service

Windows 10 Bug Corrupts Your Hard Drive on Seeing This File’s Icon

Cisco Says It Won’t Patch 74 Security Bugs in Older RV Routers That Reached EOL


Airbnb, HotelTonight Cancel All Washington, DC, Metro Reservations Ahead of Inauguration

Google Pausing All Political Ads Through Jan. 21

Americans Won’t Be Banned From Investing in Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu

Biden Formally Appoints NSA’s Anne Neuberger to Key National Security Position

Scammers Are Claiming to Sell COVID-19 Vaccines on the Dark Web for up to $1,000 Worth of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Exchange Owner Jailed for Money Laundering

Epik Says It Has Not Discussed Hosting Parler Despite Domain Registration

Parler Hack Yields GPS Data That Tracks Users at U.S. Capitol Riots

Post-Backlash, WhatsApp Spells Out Privacy Policy Updates

TikTok Takes Teen Accounts Private
Iranian Cyberspies Behind Major Christmas Sms Spear-Phishing Campaign

CISA: Hackers Bypassed MFA to Access Cloud Service Accounts

High-Severity Cisco Flaw Found in CMX Software For Retailers

Critical WordPress-Plugin Bug Found in ‘Orbit Fox’ Allows Site Takeover

Poland’s CD Projekt Working With Sony to Bring Back Cyberpunk 2077 – PAP

Microsoft Fixes Secure Boot Bug Allowing Windows Rootkit Installation

Krebs: Microsoft Patch Tuesday, January 2021 Edition

It’s Finally Over! Time to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player


SolarWinds: What Hit Us Could Hit Others (Krebs)

New Sunspot Malware Found While Investigating SolarWinds Hack

SolarLeaks Site Claims to Sell Data Stolen in SolarWinds Attacks

SolarWinds Discloses Earlier Evidence of Hack

Senior Intelligence Official Says China, Russia Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain

Some Data From Last Month’s Cyber Attack Leaked Online, Says EU Drugs Regulator

White House Establishes National Artificial Intelligence Office

Social-Media Watchdogs Detect Signs of Ongoing Extremist Threat

Twitter Cites Capitol Protests in Suspension of 70,000 User Accounts

WhatsApp Users Flock to Rival Message Platforms

Location Data from Muslim Prayer App Sold to Data Broker

Europol Reveals Dismantling of ‘Largest’ Underground Marketplace DarkMarket
Email Security Firm Mimecast Says Hackers Hijacked Its Products to Spy on Customers

Brazil Fuel Distributor Ultrapar Interrupts Operations After Cyber Attack

Data Breach at ‘Resident Evil’ Gaming Company Capcom Widens

New Zealand Central Bank Breach Hit Other Companies

Jefferson Healthcare Hit by ‘Phishing’ Cyber Attack

Clearfield County (PA) Cyber Attack

Colombian Energy, Metal Firms Under Fire in New Trojan Attack Wave

Experts Sound Alarm On New Android Malware Sold On Hacking Forums

Google Reveals Sophisticated Windows and Android Hacking Operation

BumbleBee Opens Exchange Servers in xHunt Spy Campaign

Adobe Fixes 7 Critical Flaws, Blocks Flash Player Content

Critical Microsoft Defender Bug Actively Exploited; Patch Tuesday Offers 83 Fixes

Intel Adds Hardware-Based Ransomware Detection to 11th Gen CPUs


China’s Move to Regulate Its Tech Giants Is Part of Its Bigger Push to Become a Tech ‘Superpower’

SolarWinds Hackers Linked to Known Russian Spying Tools Used by Turla APT, Investigators Say

FBI Probes Russian-Linked Postcard Sent to FireEye CEO After Cybersecurity Firm Uncovered Hack

U.S. Announces Controversial State Department Cyber-Bureau

Researcher Builds Parler Archive Amid Amazon Suspension

Over 100,000 UN Employee Records Accessed by Researchers

DarkSide Ransomware Decryptor Recovers Victims’ Files for Free

Aliens and UFOs: A Final Frontier for Social Engineers

Thou Shalt Not Hack Indiscriminately, High Court of England Tells Britain’s Spy Agencies

Cybersecurity Insurance Has a Big Problem
Millions of Social Profiles Leaked by Chinese Data-Scrapers

Ubiquiti: Change Your Password, Enable 2FA (Krebs)

Finland Staffing Firm Eilakaisla Hit by Cyber-Attack, Jobseeker and Employee Data Possibly Compromised

Aquaculture Equipment Company Akva Hit by Cyber-Attack

University Medical Center- New Orleans: Patient Info May Have Been Leaked in LSU HCSD Data Breach

Mac Malware Uses ‘Run-Only’ AppleScripts to Evade Analysis

Typeform Fixes Zendesk Sell Form Data Hijacking Vulnerability

Microsoft Releases Linux Endpoint Detection and Response Features

Microsoft Sysmon Now Detects Malware Process Tampering Attempts

Windows 10 Hardware Security Enabled by Default on New Surface PC


Permanent Suspension of @realDonaldTrump

Why Parler Is About to Disappear From the Internet

Laptop Also Stolen From Pelosi’s Office During Storming of U.S. Capitol, Says Aide

SolarWinds Hires Ex-Homeland Security Official Krebs as Consultant

Cyber Czar to Draw on New Powers From Defense Bill

Space Force Joins Us Intelligence Community to Secure Outer Space

A Look Ahead at 2021: SolarWinds Fallout and Shifting CISO Budgets

Malicious Software Infrastructure Easier to Get and Deploy Than Ever

Ransomware Gangs Are Going After Top Execs to Pressure Companies Into Paying

JPMorgan Chase Hacker Gets 12 Years
New Zealand Reserve Bank Suffers Data Breach via Hacked Storage Partner

Ransomware Forces Three-Week Shutdown of Australia’s Northern Territory Gov’t IT

Dassault Falcon Jet Reports Data Breach After Ransomware Attack

Prestera Center for Mental Health Services (WV) Breach Exposes 3,700+ Patients’ Info

Montreal-Based Car-Sharing Service Communauto Hit by Cyber Attack

Hacker Used Ransomware to Lock Victims in Their IoT Chastity Belt

North Korean Hackers Targeting South Korea with RokRat Trojan

New Attack Could Let Hackers Clone Your Google Titan 2FA Security Keys

Bugs in Firefox, Chrome, Edge Allow Remote System Hijacking


U.S. Judiciary Probes ‘Apparent Compromise’ of Case Management System

Krebs: Sealed U.S. Court Records Exposed in SolarWinds Breach

Adds Safeguards

U.S. Senator Says Capitol Building Rioters Made off With Laptop

How Bad Was the U.S. Capitol Breach for Cybersecurity?

Facebook Extends Trump’s Suspension Until at Least Biden Inauguration

Krebs: QAnon… Who is Q?

State Department Sets up New Bureau for Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies

Intel Wheels Out New Face Authentication Product That Works a Lot Like Apple’s FaceID

Fired Healthcare Exec Stalls Critical PPE Shipment for Months

SEO Scammer Extorts Site Owners Using Porn Backlinks Threat
JetBrains denies being involved in SolarWinds hack

Minnesota’s Lake Region Healthcare Recovering From Ransomware Attack

Hacker Sells Aurora Cannabis Files Stolen in Christmas Cyberattack

Hackers Post Hackney Council’s ‘Stolen Documents’

FBI Warns of Egregor Ransomware Extorting Businesses Worldwide

Ryuk Gang Estimated to Have Made More Than $150 Million From Ransomware Attacks

The Five Early Warning Signs Of An Imminent Ransomware Attack

Linux Malware Authors Use Ezuri Golang Crypter for Zero Detection

Nvidia Warns Windows Gamers of High-Severity Graphics Driver Flaws

Windows PsExec Zero-Day Vulnerability Gets a Free Micropatch


U.S. Weighs Adding Alibaba, Tencent to China Stock Ban

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Intervened in NYSE’s Chinese Delisting Saga

After Pressure, New York Stock Exchange Will Delist 3 Chinese Firms

SolarWinds Hackers Accessed DOJ Emails, but There’s No Indication They Reached Classified Systems

FBI Probe of Major Hack Includes Project-Management Software From JetBrains

Biden Taps Intelligence Veteran Anne Neuberger for New White House Cybersecurity Role

Krebs: Hamas May Be Threat to 8chan, QAnon Online

WhatsApp Will Delete Your Account If You Don’t Agree Sharing Data With Facebook

Don’t Dox Yourself by Tweeting About Data Breaches
It’s Not a Trump Sex Tape, It’s a RAT

Chinese State-Backed Hackers Target Gambling Companies in $100m Ransomware Attack

Two-Year Data Breach Hits Employees’ Email at WTTW, WFMT (IL)

Covid-19: UK Police Warning Over Vaccine Scam Messages

Hackers Start Exploiting the New Backdoor in Zyxel Devices

Nissan Source Code Leaked Online After Git Repo Misconfiguration

Data Exposure Flaw on Walmart.ca Revealed Personal Customer Information

Poor Software Quality Costs US $2.08tn

British Airways Plans £3bn Breach Settlement


Where Is Jack Ma, China’s E-Commerce Pioneer?

Chinese Regulators Try to Get Jack Ma’s Ant Group to Share Consumer Data

Trump Signs Executive Order Blocking Transactions With Alipay, WeChat Pay, and Six Other Chinese Apps

NYSE Does a U-Turn on Chinese Telecoms Delistings

Trump Administration Rolls Out Plan to Secure Maritime Sector Against Cyber Threats

NSA Shares Guidance, Tools to Mitigate Weak Encryption Protocols

U.S. Intelligence Task Force Accuses Russia of SolarWinds Cyber-Hack

Officials See Few Security Issues as Voters Go to the Polls in Georgia

Website Crashes Mar Early Coronavirus Vaccine Rollouts

Australian Researchers Identify Facebook Mobile Data Can Be Used for COVID-19 Tracing

Indian Government Sites Leaking Patient COVID-19 Test Results
Data from August Breach of Amazon Partner Juspay Dumped Online

Hacker Posts Data of 10,000 American Express Accounts for Free

Major Gaming Companies Hit with Ransomware Linked to APT27

UK Construction Firm Amey Hit by Cyber Attack

Italian Mobile Operator Ho Mobile Offers to Replace Sim Cards After Massive Data Breach

Australian Cybersecurity Agency Used as Cover in Malware Campaign

North Korean Software Supply Chain Attack Targets Stock Investors

ElectroRAT Drains Cryptocurrency Wallet Funds of Thousands

Babuk Locker Is the First New Enterprise Ransomware of 2021

Telegram Triangulation Pinpoints Users’ Exact Locations

Google Warns of Critical Android Remote Code Execution Bug


WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Cannot Be Extradited to U.S., Judge Rules

Mexico Prepared to Offer Assange Asylum, President Says

NYSE to Delist Chinese Telcos on National Security Grounds

China’s APT Hackers Move to Ransomware Attacks

SolarWinds: The More We Learn, the Worse It Looks

Researcher Breaks reCAPTCHA With Google’s Speech-to-Text API

Google Employees Announce Creation of Union

Cyber Startups Face Broader Funding Challenge in 2021

Singapore Police Can Access COVID-19 Contact Tracing Data for Criminal Investigations
Leading Game Publishers Hit Hard by Leaked-Credential Epidemic

TransLink Confirms Ransomware Data Theft, Still Restoring Systems

GenRx Pharmacy Ransomware Attack Resulted In Data Breach

Minnesota Health System Hit by Ransomware Attack

Aurora Cannabis Breach Exposes Personal Data of Former, Current Workers

Cyber-Attack on Apex Laboratory

FBI Warns of Cyberattacks to Distance Learning

Zend Framework Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Revealed

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to Allow Testing Without Setup

Citrix Adds NetScaler ADC Setting to Block Recent DDoS Attacks

12/31/2020 – 1/3/2021

Microsoft Hacked, Source Code Viewed in Russia-Linked SolarWinds Cyberattack

Cyber Attack on U.S. Government May Have Started Earlier Than Initially Thought – U.S. Senator

The Coolest Hacks of 2020

2021 Cybersecurity Trends: Bigger Budgets, Endpoint Emphasis and Cloud

Adobe Flash Player Is Finally Laid to Rest

Ticketmaster To Pay $10 Million Fine For Hacking A Rival Company
Data Breach Broker Selling User Records Stolen From 26 Companies

Mednax Email Hack Exposes Info of 1.2 Million Patients: 5 Details

Phishing Texts State Your PayPal Account Is ‘Limited’

Secret Backdoor Account Found in Several Zyxel Firewall, VPN Products

Google Chrome Fixes Antivirus ‘File Locking’ Bug on Windows 10