TikTok Chief to Appear Before Congressional Panel

The Untold Story of a Crippling Ransomware Attack

Why Cybersecurity Regulations And Oversight Are As Important As Safety Standards In The Modern Workplace

CISA’s Got a Plan to Strengthen Corporate Cybersecurity

The Wages of Sin Aren’t That Great if You’re a Developer Choosing the Dark Side

OpenAI Is Hiring Developers to Make ChatGPT Better at Coding

GitHub Revokes Code Signing Certificates Stolen in Repo Hack

Wealthy Russian Undertook $90 Mln Hack-And-Trade Scheme, U.S. Says at Trial

New Yorker Gets Four Years for $9m COVID Fraud Scheme
U.S. No Fly List Shared on a Hacking Forum, Government Investigating

JD Sports Says 10 Million Customers Hit by Cyber-Attack

Private Explosives Manufacturer Hired By India’s Defence Ministry Hit By Suspected Ransomware Attack

Porsche Halts NFT Launch, So Phishing Sites Fill the Void

KeePass Disputes Vulnerability Allowing Stealthy Password Theft

Hackers Use TrickGate Software to Deploy Emotet, REvil, Other Malware

Titan Stealer: A New Golang-Based Information Stealer Malware Emerges

QNAP Fixes Critical Bug Letting Hackers Inject Malicious Code


Ukraine Hit with New Golang-based ‘SwiftSlicer’ Wiper Malware in Latest Cyber Attack

Sandworm Hackers Hit News Agency With 5 Data Wipers

Ukraine Enters Uncharted Territory With Request to Investigate Russian Cyberattacks as War Crimes

A Link to This Site Can (Technically) Land You in Russian Prison

Infrastructure Companies Say Suppliers Pose a Growing Cyber Threat

New ‘Pig Butchering’ Scam in West Africa Impersonates U.S. Financial Advisors

Workers Want More AI to Get Rid of Their Office Busywork, Says Microsoft Survey

Black Swans Events Are Shaping the Cybersecurity Present and Future

Researchers to Release VMware vRealize Log RCE Exploit, Patch now

ISC Releases Security Patches for New BIND DNS Software Vulnerabilities
Canada’s Green Party Posted Sensitive Information About Voters and Members Online

Charter Communications Says Vendor Breach Exposed Some Customer Data

mscripts Data Breach Affects 66,372 Individuals

Zendesk Experiences Potential Data Breach

Stratford University (VA) Data Breach Affects Over 78k Student and Employee SSNs

Shady Reward Apps on Google Play Amass 20 Million Downloads

Black Basta Deploys PlugX Malware in USB Devices With New Technique

Gootkit Malware Continues to Evolve with New Components and Obfuscations

PlugX Malware Hides on USB Devices to Infect New Windows Hosts

Multiple Vulnerabilities Found In Healthcare Software OpenEMR


U.S. Hacks Back Against Hive Ransomware Crew

U.S. Offers $10M Bounty for Hive Ransomware Links to Foreign Governments

Google Takes Down 50,000 Instances of Pro-Chinese DRAGONBRIDGE Influence Operation

Iranian Group Cobalt Sapling Targets Saudi Arabia With New Persona

Most Criminal Cryptocurrency Funnels Through Just 5 Exchanges

The Best Personal Safety Devices, Apps, and Alarms

UK’s Lloyds Bank Warns of 80% Surge in Advance Fee Scams

Tech Layoffs Aren’t Hitting This Digital Job Market Where Over 700,000 Workers Are Needed

A Child’s Garden of Cybersecurity
Lutheran Social Services of Illinois Announces Data Breach Affecting 184k Individuals

University of Colorado Hospital Authority Announces Third-Party Data Breach At Diligent Corporation

Guildford School Victim of Cyber-Attack as Phone Lines and Mail Systems ‘Stop Working’

Yandex Denies Hack, Blames Source Code Leak on Former Employee

Bitwarden Password Vaults Targeted in Google Ads Phishing Attack

New Mimic Ransomware Abuses ‘Everything’ Windows Search Tool

Lexmark Warns of RCE Bug Affecting 100 Printer Models, PoC Released

Microsoft Urges Admins to Patch On-Premises Exchange Servers


CISA: Federal Agencies Hacked Using Legitimate Remote Desktop Tools

Russian ‘Hacktivists’ Briefly Knock German Websites Offline

Iranian and Russian Hackers Targeting Politicians and Journalists, Warn UK Officials

U.S. Intelligence Wants to Use Psychology to Avert Cyberattacks

Lessons Learned From the Windows Remote Desktop Honeypot Report

Hackers Auction Alleged Source Code for League of Legends

Krebs: Experian Glitch Exposing Credit Files Lasted 47 Days

Krebs: Administrator of RSOCKS Proxy Botnet Pleads Guilty

Better Management And Training Are Key To Solving The Cybersecurity Skills Gap
Zacks Investment Research Data Breach Affects 820,000 Clients

A Network of Knockoff Apparel Stores Exposed 330,000 Customer Credit Cards

Over 4,500 WordPress Sites Hacked to Redirect Visitors to Sketchy Ad Pages

Livingston Memorial VNA (CA) Data Breach Following Apparent Ransomware Attack

Bank of Eastern Oregon Files Official Notice of Data Breach

Jefferson County Health Department (IA) Files Notice of Data Breach Affecting 115,940

New Stealthy Python RAT Malware Targets Windows in Attacks

Malware Exploited Critical Realtek SDK Bug in Millions of Attacks

Exploit Released for Critical Windows CryptoAPI Spoofing Bug


North Korea-Linked Hackers Behind $100 Million Crypto Heist, FBI Says

LastPass Owner GoTo Shares More Bad News About November’s Security Breach

If You Want to Use a Security Key With Your Apple Account, You’ll Need Two Keys

Microsoft Shares Workaround for Unresponsive Windows Start Menu

The Threat Of “Default” Tech

Assessing the Likelihood of a ‘Catastrophic’ Cyberattack

DOJ, States Sue Google Over Digital Ad Dominance

Noem Says Cellphone Was Hacked, Blames Jan. 6 Panel

Security and the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
Planet Ice: Customer Details Stolen in Data Breach

Riot Games Receives Ransom Demand From Hackers, Refuses to Pay

Alexander City (AL) Falls Victim to Cyber Attack

DragonSpark Hackers Evade Detection With SparkRAT and Golang

Emotet Malware Makes a Comeback with New Evasion Techniques

Ransomware Access Brokers Use Google Ads to Breach Your Network

75K WordPress Sites Impacted by Critical Online Course Plugin Flaws

VMware Fixes Critical Security Bugs in vRealize Log Analysis Tool

Security Navigator Research: Some Vulnerabilities Date Back to the Last Millennium


T-Mobile Breach Highlights Common Corporate Security Weakness

Most Federal Agencies Ignored GAO’s Cybersecurity Recommendations

U.S. Authorities Release Asylum Seekers After Leaking Their Data Online

Russia’s Largest ISP Says 2022 Broke All DDoS Attack Records

Hackers Deploy Open-Source Tool Sliver C2, Replacing Cobalt Strike, Metasploit

Fewer Ransomware Victims Are Paying Up. But There’s a Catch

Messenger’s Encrypted Chats Get Themes, Emoji Reactions, and More

Microsoft Investing Billions in ChatGPT Maker

ChatGPT Is ‘Not Particularly Innovative,’ and ‘Nothing Revolutionary’, Says Meta’s Chief AI Scientist
A Major Flaw in App Operated by India’s Education Ministry Exposed the Data of Millions of Students

GTA Online Bug Exploited to Ban, Corrupt Players’ Accounts

Ticketmaster Says Cyberattack Disrupted Taylor Swift Ticket Sales

Satellite Healthcare Files Official Notice of Data Breach

Google Ads Invites Being Abused to Push Spam, Adult Sites

CISA Warns of Critical ManageEngine RCE Bug Exploited in Attacks

Apple Fixes Actively Exploited iOS Zero-Day on Older iPhones, iPads

Apple iOS 16.3 Arrives With Support for Hardware Security Keys

Microsoft Plans to Kill Malware Delivery via Excel XLL Add-Ins


Russia Expected to Increase Cyberattacks in Ukraine War — To Little Effect

Gamaredon Group Launches Cyberattacks Against Ukraine Using Telegram

U.S. Airline Accidentally Exposes ‘No Fly List’ on Unsecured Server

How to Encrypt any File, Folder, or Drive on Your System

Like It or Not, Email Is Still Our Greatest Tool – And the Source of Some of Our Biggest Threats

What Diabetes Is Revealing About the Benefits and Risks of Personal Medicine Connected to the Internet

Krebs: New T-Mobile Breach Affects 37 Million Accounts

T-Mobile’s $150 Million Security Plan Isn’t Cutting It

Massive Ad-Fraud Op Dismantled After Hitting Millions of iOS Devices

WhatsApp Hit with €5.5m fine for GDPR Violations

Cybersecurity Was Supposed to Be a Resilient Area of Tech, but These ETFs Are Struggling
Los Angeles Unified School District Says Vice Society Ransomware Gang Stole Contractors’ SSNs

Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows School District (BC) Investigating Data Breach Affecting up to 19,000 People

FanDuel Discloses Data Breach Caused by Recent MailChimp Hack

Riot Games Hacked, Delays Game Patches After Security Breach

Phishers Use Blank Images to Disguise Malicious Attachments

Hackers Now Use Microsoft OneNote Attachments to Spread Malware

New Boldmove Linux Malware Used to Backdoor Fortinet Devices

Critical ManageEngine RCE Bug Now Exploited to Open Reverse Shells

Exploits Released for Two Samsung Galaxy App Store Vulnerabilities

Over 19,000 End-Of-Life Cisco Routers Exposed to RCE Attacks


Davos 2023: Global Bank Chiefs Get FBI Cybersecurity Update

Ransomware Profits Drop 40% In 2022 as Victims Refuse to Pay

A Sneaky Ad Scam Tore Through 11 Million Phones

New ‘Blank Image’ Attack Hides Phishing Scripts in SVG Files

FTX: Over $400m Stolen from Bankrupt Exchange

Instagram Just Got an Update That Gives You More Control Over What You See in Your Feed

Over a Third of Recent ICS Bugs Still Have No Vendor Patch

For the First Time in a Long Time, Cfos Can Say No to Some Tech Spending

How to Convert Your Home’s Old TV Cable Into Powerful Ethernet Lines
T-Mobile Says Hackers Stole Data on About 37 Million Customers

PayPal Says Crooks Accessed 35,000 Customers’ Info in Credential Stuffing Attack

Ransomware Gang Steals Data From KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut Brand Owner

New ‘Hook’ Android Malware Lets Hackers Remotely Control Your Phone

Roaming Mantis’ Hacking Campaign Adds DNS Changer to Mobile App

New Microsoft Azure Vulnerability Uncovered — EmojiDeploy for RCE Attacks

Exploit Released for Critical ManageEngine RCE Bug, Patch Now


Iranian Government Entities Under Attack by New Wave of BackdoorDiplomacy Attacks

CISA Warns of Flaws in Siemens, GE Digital, and Contec Industrial Control Systems

Krebs: Thinking of Hiring or Running a Booter Service? Think Again.

Bitzlato Crypto Exchange Seized for Ransomware, Drugs Money Laundering

New York Man Defrauded Thousands Using Credit Cards Sold on Dark Web

Initial Access Broker Market Booms, Posing Growing Threat to Enterprises

Spy Cams Reveal the Grim Reality of Slaughterhouse Gas Chambers

Palantir CEO Tells Tech Workers Who Don’t Like the Company’s Military Deals, ‘Don’t Work Here’

Private-Equity Firms Tighten Focus on Cyber Defenses at Portfolio Companies

European Privacy Regulators Step Up Scrutiny of Business Data Practices

Over Four Billion People Affected By Internet Censorship in 2022
Ukraine Links Data-Wiping Attack on News Agency to Russian Hackers

ODIN Intelligence Website Hacked

MailChimp Discloses New Breach After Employees Got Hacked

Pierce County (WA) Accidentally Shared Sensitive Voter Information for Hundreds of Thousands

Maritime Giant Dnv Says 1,000 Ships Affected by Ransomware Attack

Illegal Solaris Darknet Market Hijacked by Competitor Kraken

Bank of America Starts Restoring Missing Zelle Transactions

Hackers Push Malware via Google Search Ads for VLC, 7-Zip, CCleaner

Critical Security Vulnerabilities Discovered in Netcomm and TP-Link Routers

What Is ChatGPT? AI Technology Sends Schools Scrambling to Preserve Learning

ChatGPT Creates Polymorphic Malware


Hackers Use Fear of Mobilization to Target Russians With Phishing Attacks

Earth Bogle Group Targets Middle East With NjRAT, Geopolitical Lures

Crypto Exchanges Freeze Accounts Tied to North Korea’s Notorious Lazarus Group

Hackers Can Abuse Legitimate GitHub Codespaces Feature to Deliver Malware

What to Know About the Cars of the Future Being Built by Tech, Auto Companies

The Scammers Who Scam Scammers on Cybercrime Forums
Nissan North America Data Breach Caused by Vendor-Exposed Database

Hacktivists Leak Data Apparently From Digital Forensics Vendors Cellebrite and MSAB

Over 4,000 Sophos Firewall Devices Vulnerable to RCE Attacks

Git Patches Two Critical Remote Code Execution Security Flaws

Microsoft Azure Services Flaws Could’ve Exposed Cloud Resources to Unauthorized Access

Let’s Normalize ‘Radical Transparency’ Around Data Breaches


U.S. to Launch Third Iteration of ‘Hack the Pentagon’ Bug Bounty Program

CISA Warns for Flaws Affecting Industrial Control Systems from Major Manufacturers

New Backdoor Created Using Leaked CIA’s Hive Malware Discovered in the Wild

China Aims to Grow Local InfoSec Industry by 30% a Year, to $22 Billion by 2025

North Korean ‘Lazarus’ Group Tied to $100M Harmony Hack Moves 41,000 Ether Over Weekend

Avast Releases Free BianLian Ransomware Decryptor

All the Data Apple Collects About You—and How to Limit It

Europe Beefs-up Cybersecurity Law, Trumping the UK
Vice Society Ransomware Leaks University of Duisburg-Essen’s Data

Saga UK Suffers ‘Unusual Breach’ Where Customers Have Credit Card Data Leaked

Datadog Rotates RPM Signing Key Exposed in CircleCI Hack

Raccoon and Vidar Stealers Spreading via Massive Network of Fake Cracked Software

Malicious ‘Lolip0p’ PyPi Packages Install Info-Stealing Malware

Researchers to Release PoC Exploit for Critical Zoho RCE Bug, Patch Now

MSI Accidentally Breaks Secure Boot for Hundreds of Motherboards


Pro-Russian Hacktivist Group Targets Czech Presidential Election

Russian Hackers Try to Bypass ChatGPT’s Restrictions For Malicious Purposes

NSA Director Asks Congress to Let It Get On With That Warrantless Data Harvesting Without Lapse

Russians Say They Can Grab Software From Intel Again

How to Use Your Phone to Find Hidden Cameras

The Biggest Risks of Using Bluetooth Trackers Like Apple AirTag, Tile

The Big Risk in the Most-Popular, and Aging, Big Tech Default Email Programs

In the Fight Against Scams, ‘Cyber Ambassadors’ Enter the Chat

Brave Browser’s New Snowflake Feature Help Bypass Tor Blocks

Economic Uncertainty Weighs on Cyber Chiefs

TikTok Slapped With $5.4 Million Fine Over Cookie Opt-Out Feature
NortonLifeLock Warns That Hackers Breached Password Manager Accounts

Liquor Control Board of Ontario Site Hacked to Steal Credit Cards

Dozens of Clerk of Court Offices in Louisiana Offline Following Cyber Attack

Malware Attack on CircleCI Engineer’s Laptop Leads to Recent Security Incident

Tainted VPNs Being Used to Spread EyeSpy Surveillanceware

Hacker Group Discloses Ability to Encrypt an RTU Device Using Ransomware, Industry Reacts

PoC Exploits Released for Critical Bugs in Popular WordPress Plugins

Hackers Exploit Control Web Panel Flaw to Open Reverse Shells

Cacti Servers Under Attack as Majority Fail to Patch Critical Vulnerability

Ransomware Has Now Become a Problem for Everyone, and Not Just Tech


Airlines Work to Move Past Delays After FAA Outage Blamed on Corrupted File

Biden: Republicans and Democrats, Unite Against Big Tech Abuses

Google Warns Supreme Court Against ‘Gutting’ Controversial Tech Provision

VALL-E AI Can Mimic a Person’s Voice From a Three-Second Snippet

Fortinet: Gov’t Networks Targeted With Now-Patched SSL-VPN Zero-Day

MetaMask Warns of New ‘Address Poisoning’ Cryptocurrency Scam

Meta Sues Voyager Labs, Saying It Created Fake Accounts to Scrape User Data

European Police Takes Down Call Centers Behind Cryptocurrency Scams

The SEC’s Subpoena Fight With Covington — A ‘Perilous New Course’?

Are You Ready For Cybersecurity Mesh?
Vice Society Ransomware Claims Attack on Australian Firefighting Service

Royal Mail Cyberattack Linked to LockBit Ransomware Operation

Online Vehicle Registration Affected by Cyber-Attack in Arkansas

TruConnect (CA) Data Breach Leaked 54,200 Consumer Social Security Numbers

RAT Malware Campaign Tries to Evade Detection Using Polyglot Files

IcedID Malware Strikes Again: Active Directory Domain Compromised in Under 24 Hours

Microsoft: Cuba Ransomware Hacking Exchange Servers via OWASSRF Flaw

Fortinet Says Hackers Exploited Critical Vulnerability to Infect VPN Customers

Over 100 Siemens PLC Models Found Vulnerable to Firmware Takeover

Microsoft: Exchange Server 2013 Reaches End of Support in 90 Days


Air Travel Across U.S. Thrown Into Chaos After Computer Outage

White House: No Evidence of Cyber Attack

Biden: Cause Not Clear

Canada Out Too

UK Royal Mail Unable to Send Letters and Parcels Overseas After ‘Cyber Incident’

Twitter: ‘No Evidence’ 200 Million Leaked Usernames and Emails Came From an Exploit of Systems

Hackers Discover That Vulnerabilities Are Rife in the Auto Industry

Cloudflare Takes Aim at a Top Security Threat: Your Inbox

AI-Generated Phishing Emails Just Got Much More Convincing

Is ChatGPT a Cybersecurity Threat?

Biden Aides Find Second Batch of Classified Documents at New Location

Complicates Trump Probe

Cybersecurity Staff Are Struggling: Here’s How to Support Them Better

A Police App Exposed Secret Details About Raids and Suspects
New APT Dark Pink Hits Asia-Pacific, Europe With Spear Phishing Tactics

The Guardian Confirms Criminals Accessed Staff Data in Ransomware Attack

Sensitive Files From San Francisco Transit Police Allegedly Leaked

Australian Healthcare Sector Targeted in Latest Gootkit Malware Attacks

Senior Healthcare Consulate Health Care Reports Third-Party Data Breach

OneAmerica Financial Partners Files Notice of Recent Data Breach After Phishing Attack

New Analysis Reveals Raspberry Robin Can be Repurposed by Other Threat Actors

Scattered Spider Hackers Use Old Intel Driver to Bypass Security

Cisco Warns of Auth Bypass Bug With Public Exploit in EoL Routers

Hundreds of SugarCRM Servers Infected With Critical In-The-Wild Exploit

Threema Claims Encryption Flaws Never Had a Real-World Impact

Krebs: Microsoft Patch Tuesday, January 2023 Edition


Hackers Hit Websites of Danish Central Bank, Other Banks

Boffins: Russian Meddling in 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Was Weak Sauce With Little Influence

A Widespread Logic Controller Flaw Raises the Specter of Stuxnet

Trojan Puzzle Attack Trains AI Assistants Into Suggesting Malicious Code

CISA Orders Agencies to Patch Exchange Bug Abused by Ransomware Gang

Rackspace Ransomware Incident Highlights Risks of Relying on Mitigation Alone

Lorenz Ransomware Gang Plants Backdoors to Use Months Later

Expert Analysis Reveals Cryptographic Weaknesses in Threema Messaging App

Preparing for the Effects of Quantum-Centric Supercomputing
Cyber Attack on DNV Forces It to Shut Down Its ShipManager Software

Zurich Insurance’s Japan Subsidiary Suffers Cyber Attack

Riversource (MN) Files Notice of Data Breach Impacting Over 10K Consumers

Elevate Services (CA) Confirms Breach Leaked Consumers’ Social Security Numbers

Fidelity Building Services Group (MD) Breach Compromises Consumer Social Security Numbers

StrongPity Hackers Distribute Trojanized Telegram App to Target Android Users

Over 1,300 Fake AnyDesk Sites Push Vidar Info-Stealing Malware

First Patch Tuesday of the Year Explodes With In-The-Wild Exploit Fix

Microsoft January 2023 Patch Tuesday Fixes 98 Flaws, 1 Zero-Day


Kyiv Argues Russian Cyberattacks Could Be War Crimes

Krebs: Identity Thieves Bypassed Experian Security to View Credit Reports

ChatGPT Used to Develop Multiple New Malicious Tools & Scripts

Researchers Hacked California’s Digital License Plates, Gaining Access to GPS Location and User Info

Hackers Can Abuse Visual Studio Marketplace to Target Developers with Malicious Extensions

Millions of Vehicles at Risk: API Vulnerabilities Uncovered in 16 Major Car Brands

The Dark Web’s Criminal Minds See Internet of Things as Next Big Hacking Prize

Dark Web Actors Fight For Drug Trafficking and Illegal Pharmacy Supremacy

U.S. Supremes Deny Pegasus Spyware Maker’s Immunity Claim
Russian Hackers Targeted U.S. Nuclear Scientists

Fake OnlyFans Dating Sites Abuse UK Environment Agency Open Redirect

Des Moines Public Schools Cancels Tuesday Classes After Cybersecurity Attack

SAIF Corporation (OR) Notifies of Recent Data Breach Affecting Their Personal Information

Kinsing Cryptojacking Hits Kubernetes Clusters via Misconfigured PostgreSQL

New Study Uncovers Text-to-SQL Model Vulnerabilities Allowing Data Theft and DoS Attacks

Auth0 Fixes RCE Flaw in JsonWebToken Library Used by 22,000 Projects

GitHub Makes It Easier to Scan Your Code for Vulnerabilities

Insurer Beazley Launches First Catastrophe Bond for Cyber Threats


Multiple UK Schools Hit by Cyber Attack and Documents Leaked

Russian Turla Hackers Hijack Decade-Old Malware Infrastructure to Deploy New Backdoors

Phishing Attacks Are Increasing and Getting More Sophisticated: Here’s How to Avoid Them

Malicious PyPi Packages Create CloudFlare Tunnels to Bypass Firewalls

What Twitter’s 200 Million Email Leak Really Means

More Cybersecurity Training and Better Hiring Practices Could Help Narrow the Talent Gap

Amazon S3 Will Now Encrypt All New Data With AES-256 by Default

FCC Wants Telecom Carriers to Report Data Breaches Faster

2023 U.S. Cybersecurity Predictions
Iran Says It Foiled Cyberattack on Central Bank

Air France and KLM Notify Customers of Account Hacks

Chick-Fil-A Investigates Reports of Hacked Customer Accounts

Fake Pokemon NFT Game Installer Lets Hackers Hijack Your PC

Fitzgibbon Hospital (MO) Announces Data Breach

FBI Investigates Cyber Attack Against Lawrence County (OH) Vendor Cott Systems

Dridex Malware Now Attacking macOS Systems with Novel Infection Method

Microsoft Reveals Tactics Used by 4 Ransomware Families Targeting macOS

Why Cybersecurity Should Be Top Of Mind In 2023


Russian Spies Piggybacked on Other Hackers’ USB Infections

CISA Director: U.S. Needs to Be Vigilant, ‘Keep Our Shields up’ Against Russia

Northern Ireland Minister Apologises After Twitter Account Hacked

CircleCI Warns of Security Breach — Rotate Your Secrets!

Hackers Use CAPTCHA Bypass to Make 20K GitHub Accounts in a Month

BitDefender Releases Free MegaCortex Ransomware Decryptor

WhatsApp Launches a Tool to Fight Internet Censorship

How Confidential Computing Can Change Cybersecurity

How to Ensure Cybersecurity Investments Remain a Priority Across Your Organization

The Impact of Recession on Cybersecurity Programs
Slack’s Private GitHub Code Repositories Stolen Over Holidays

Rackspace: Customer Email Data Accessed in Ransomware Attack

Maternal & Family Health Services Says Patient Medical Data Stolen in Ransomware Attack

Retreat Behavioral Health (PA) Announces Data Breach

San Benito (TX) School District Notifying Victims Of Cyber Attack Two Months Ago

SpyNote Strikes Again: Android Spyware Targeting Financial Institutions

Bluebottle Cybercrime Group Preys on Financial Sector in French-Speaking African Nations

Blind Eagle Hackers Return with Refined Tools and Sophisticated Infection Chain

Hackers Leverage Compromised Fortinet Devices to Distribute Ransomware


With Electrical Grids Under Assault, U.S. And Ukraine Seek Scarce Transmission Gear

Cops Hacked Thousands of Phones. Was It Legal?

U.S. Regulators Warn Banks About Cryptocurrency Security Risks

Cyber Chiefs Face Scrutiny and Challenges in 2023’s Uncertain Economy

These Grim Figures Show That the Ransomware Problem Isn’t Going Away

Where Should Security Awareness Training Focus?

Making Sense of the Muddled Mess of Cybersecurity Terms

Virtual Insanity: Protecting the Immersive Online World

NHS is Most Scammed UK Government “Brand”

General Electric Insider Handed Two Years for IP Theft

Ireland Fines Meta $414M for Using Personal Data Without Asking

Meta to Fight

Twitter Whistleblower Joins Rapid7, a Cybersecurity Company
200 Million Twitter Users’ Email Addresses Allegedly Leaked Online

Deezer Admits Data Breach That Potentially Exposed Over 220 Million Users’ Info

Toyota, Mercedes, BMW API Flaws Exposed Owners’ Personal Info

Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency Hit by Data Breach

Five Guys Data Breach Puts HR Data Under a Heat Lamp

Database of Romanian Hospital Held for Ransom by Hackers

Vice Society Claims Leak of Stolen Xavier University Data

Rackspace Confirms Play Ransomware Was Behind Recent Cyberattack

New SHC-Based Linux Malware Targeting Systems with Cryptocurrency Miner

Hackers Abuse Windows Error Reporting Tool to Deploy Malware

Zoho Urges Admins to Patch Critical ManageEngine Bug Immediately

Qualcomm Chipsets and Lenovo BIOS Get Security Updates to Fix Multiple Flaws


Poland Warns of Attacks by Russia-Linked Ghostwriter Hacking Group

No Major Spike in Reported Ransomware in 2022

Ongoing Flipper Zero Phishing Attacks Target Infosec Community

OG Bitcoin Core Developer Luke Dashjr Claims Hack Drained Nearly All His BTC

Raspberry Robin Worm Evolves to Attack Financial and Insurance Sectors in Europe

Over 60,000 Exchange Servers Vulnerable to ProxyNotShell Attacks

Windows 7 and Windows 8 Will Stop Getting Critical Security Updates in One Week

Preventing Data Breaches: The Role Of Threat Intelligence Platforms And Cybersecurity Strategies

The Importance of Cyber Resilience in the Communications Sector

Europe’s Cybersecurity Dance Card Is Full: More Changes on the Way

Black Hat Flashback: The Day That Dan Kaminsky Saved the Internet
‘Multiple Security Breaches’ Shut Down Canadian Trucker Protest

Rail Giant Wabtec Discloses Data Breach After LockBit Ransomware Attack

LockBit Hackers Claim Ransomware Attack on Los Angeles Housing Authority

Royal Ransomware Claims Attack on Queensland University of Technology

Attacker Claims Volvo Suffered a Data Breach

Bristol Community College (MA) Investigates Suspected Ransomware Hack

Swansea Public Schools (MA) Canceled on Wednesday After Cyber Attack

Employee Info Stolen From Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board (ON) Servers

Bay Bridge Administrators (TX) Breach Leaked Thousands of Consumer Social Security Numbers

Hackers Using Stolen Bank Information to Trick Victims into Downloading BitRAT Malware

Synology Fixes Maximum Severity Vulnerability in VPN Routers


Poland Warns of Pro-Kremlin Cyberattacks Aimed At Destabilization

War and Geopolitical Conflict: The New Battleground for DDoS Attacks

Taiwanese Should take TikTok Risk Seriously

Meet the Cybercriminals of 2022

Hackers Had a Banner Year in 2022: U.S. Regulators Aim to Slow Them Down in 2023.

Cybersecurity Leaders Outline Future Trends Ahead of Infosecurity Europe 2023

CIO 2023 Priorities: Cybersecurity

Facing Flat Budgets, Kohler’s Cyber Chief Looks to Do More With What’s On Hand

Tech in 2023: Here’s What Is Going to Really Matter

What To Expect For Security And Privacy In 2023

7 Cybersecurity Predictions & Trends for 2023

Beyond the Obvious: The Boldest Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

The Password Isn’t Dead Yet: You Need a Hardware Key

Attracting And Retaining Top Cybersecurity Talent Amid Worker Burnout And Shortages

Happy 13th Birthday, KrebsOnSecurity!

You Cannot Escape Cybersecurity
Canadian Copper Mountain Mining Corporation Shuts Down Mill After Ransomware Attack

LockBit Ransomware Claims Attack on Port of Lisbon in Portugal

LockBit Apologizes, Gives SickKids Hospital Free Decryptor

ALPHV Ransomware Gang Cloned Victim’s Website to Leak Stolen Data

Toyota’s Indian Unit Warns of a Possible Customer Data Breach

Arnold Clark Hit With Cyber Attack as Car Dealership Apologises to Customers

Howard Memorial Hospital (AR) Investigating Data Breach Within Computer System

Tomball (TX) Experiences Ransomware Attack; Council Authorizes Money for Recovery Systems, Data

Monarch of North Carolina Announces Data Breach

Cyber Attack Leaves 6 NC Counties Locked Out of Their Online Records

New Linux Malware Uses 30 Plugin Exploits to Backdoor WordPress Sites

PyTorch Discloses Malicious Dependency Chain Compromise Over Holidays

Update Android Right Now to Fix a Scary Remote-Execution Flaw

CISA Warns of Active Exploitation of JasperReports Vulnerabilities