Iranian Government Entities Under Attack by New Wave of BackdoorDiplomacy Attacks

CISA Warns of Flaws in Siemens, GE Digital, and Contec Industrial Control Systems

Krebs: Thinking of Hiring or Running a Booter Service? Think Again.

Bitzlato Crypto Exchange Seized for Ransomware, Drugs Money Laundering

New York Man Defrauded Thousands Using Credit Cards Sold on Dark Web

Initial Access Broker Market Booms, Posing Growing Threat to Enterprises

Spy Cams Reveal the Grim Reality of Slaughterhouse Gas Chambers

Palantir CEO Tells Tech Workers Who Don’t Like the Company’s Military Deals, ‘Don’t Work Here’

Private-Equity Firms Tighten Focus on Cyber Defenses at Portfolio Companies

European Privacy Regulators Step Up Scrutiny of Business Data Practices

Over Four Billion People Affected By Internet Censorship in 2022
Ukraine Links Data-Wiping Attack on News Agency to Russian Hackers

ODIN Intelligence Website Hacked

MailChimp Discloses New Breach After Employees Got Hacked

Pierce County (WA) Accidentally Shared Sensitive Voter Information for Hundreds of Thousands

Maritime Giant Dnv Says 1,000 Ships Affected by Ransomware Attack

Illegal Solaris Darknet Market Hijacked by Competitor Kraken

Bank of America Starts Restoring Missing Zelle Transactions

Hackers Push Malware via Google Search Ads for VLC, 7-Zip, CCleaner

Critical Security Vulnerabilities Discovered in Netcomm and TP-Link Routers

What Is ChatGPT? AI Technology Sends Schools Scrambling to Preserve Learning

ChatGPT Creates Polymorphic Malware

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