Cruz Calls for Criminal Investigation Into Twitter Over Alleged Iranian Sanction Violations

North Korea Accuses U.S. of Hurting Its Image With Cyber Threat Warning

Israel-Iran Attacks: ‘Cyber Winter Is Coming’

Anonymous Says It’ll ‘Expose’ Minneapolis Police, Website Hacked

UK Government Launches Funding Program to Boost Security of IoT Market

‘Hack-For-Hire’ Firms Spoof WHO To Target Google Credentials

As States Reopen, the Boss Wants to Know What You’re Up To This Weekend

Google’s New Tool Lets You See a Two Metre Social Distancing Gap With AR

Krebs Career Choice Tip: Cybercrime is Mostly Boring

The University of Texas at San Antonio to Create Cybersecurity Innovation Institute

Alabama Seniors Offered Free Cybersecurity Courses

Office 365 to Give Detailed Info on Malicious Email Attachments

List of Well-Known Web Sites That Port Scan Their Visitors

ACLU Sues Clearview AI Over Faceprint Collection, Sale

Hacker Leaks Database of Dark Web Hosting Provider
Big Footy Data Breach Exposed Private Details of up to 100,000 Users

Amtrak Resets User Passwords After Guest Rewards Data Breach

Unemployment Fraud Hits North Olympic Peninsula (WA) Residents

Warning to Parents After Cyber Criminals Attack Bristol (UK) School Website

Ransomware Attack Targets Nipissing First Nation (Ontario)

REvil Hackers ‘Hold Second Us Firm to Ransom’

Highly-Targeted Steganography Attacks on Industrial Sector Hide Malicious Powershell Scripts in Images

‘Hackers Burned My Hand With Cryptojacking Computer Virus’

Smart Car Source Code Leak May Compromise Customer Safety

Google Just Gave Millions Of Users A Reason To Quit Chrome

Critical ‘Sign in with Apple’ Bug Could Have Let Attackers Hijack Anyone’s Account

New Noise-Resilient Attack On Intel and AMD CPUs Makes Flush-based Attacks Effective

Snake Ransomware Slithers Into the Light

Nworm: Trickbot Gang’s New Stealthy Malware Spreading Module

Any Mitron (Viral TikTok Clone) Profile Can Be Hacked in Seconds

Utah Tech CEO Jailed for Possessing Thousands of Files Depicting Child Sexual Abuse


NSA Warns of Ongoing Russian Hacking Campaign Against U.S. Systems

Germany Calls in Russian Envoy Over Hack Attack

Google Sees Resurgence in State-Backed Hacking, Phishing Related to COVID-19

Sue Gordon: The Coronavirus Pandemic Should Change the Way We Look at National Security

Cybersecurity: Half of Employees Admit They Are Cutting Corners When Working From Home

C-Level Executives the Weakest Link in Organizations’ Mobile Security

Cyber-Criminals Impersonating Google to Target Remote Workers

#COVID19 Drives Dealers Online as Drugs Supply Soars

Pelosi Pulls Vote on FISA Bill After Trump Veto Threat

Lawmakers Urge More Federal Funding for State Cybersecurity

Krebs: UK Ad Campaign Seeks to Deter Cybercrime

Minneapolis City Systems Temporarily Brought Down by Cyberattack

Comedian Arrested for Cybercrime over Face Swap

Google Location Tracking Lambasted in Arizona Lawsuit

Researchers Uncover Brazilian Hacktivist VandaTheGod’s Identity Who Defaced Over 4800 Sites
Minted Discloses Data Breach After 5m User Records Sold Online

Data Breach of the Kentucky Unemployment System Occurred in April

Ransomware Attack Affects 13,146 Patients’ Info at Palmer, Alaska Mat-Su Surgical Associates

Rio Arriba County (NM) Government Falls Victim to Ransomware

Austrian City of Weiz Falls Victim to NetWalker’s Ransomware Attack

Japanese IT Services Firm NTT Communications Reveals Hack Affecting up to 621 Customers

Cyber Attack Delays NWT Power Corporation (NTPC) Bills, Northland Customers Unaffected (Northwest Territories)

Hackers Compromise Cisco Servers Via SaltStack Flaws

DoD Contractors Team Up with HPE on Ransomware-Stopper

Fake Valorant Mobile App Pushes Scams on Eager Gamers

200k Sites With Buggy WordPress Plugin Exposed to Wipe Attacks

Valak Loader Revamped to Rob Microsoft Exchange Servers

NSA Warns of New Sandworm Attacks on Email Servers

PonyFinal Ransomware Targets Enterprise Servers Then Bides Its Time

New Octopus Scanner Malware Spreads via Github Supply Chain Attack

Inside the Hoaxcalls Botnet: Both Success and Failure


FBI Investigating ‘Zoom Bombings’ Involving Child Sexual Abuse

Nearly One Fifth of Law Firms Show Signs of Compromise

FTC Warns College Students of Scams Relating to Coronavirus Checks

UK Energy Operators Join the European Network for Cybersecurity

Brussels Report: More EU Privacy Investigations, Longer Decision Times

Google Highlights Indian ‘Hack-For-Hire’ Companies in New Tag Report

Chinese Researchers Disrupt Malware Attack That Infected Thousands of PCs

1000 Corporate Systems Infected With Monero Mining Malware

3 Questions Your Board Has About Cybersecurity

Thais Ditch Twitter for Blockchain-Based Social Network Minds
Hackers Sell Data from 26 Million LiveJournal Users on Dark Web

Truecaller Denies Data Leak After 4.75m Users’ Info Emerges on Darknet

Michigan State University Hit by Ransomware Threatening Leak of Student and Financial Data

Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization Hit by Ransomware Attack

Columbus (GA) Mayor Confirms Ransomware Attack on City Government Yesterday

More Ohio PUA Applicants Claim PII Exposed; State Denies

DoubleGun Group Builds Massive Botnet Using Cloud Services

Smart Cars Vulnerable to Hack That Could Enable ‘Remote Control’

$100 Million in Bounties Paid by Hackerone to Ethical Hackers

New York Teen Masterminds $23.8m Crypto Heist


U.S. Tech Giants Are Reportedly Providing Web Services to Blacklisted Chinese Surveillance Firms

Canada to Lead Global Effort to Counter Election Interference

Report: ATM Skimmer Gang Had Protection from Mexican Attorney General’s Office (Krebs)

Chinese City Proposes Permanent Health Tracking With a Score Based on Drinking and Exercise Habits

Tel Aviv University Researchers Successfully Repel Massive Attempted Cyber Attack

New [F]Unicorn Ransomware Hits Italy via Fake COVID-19 Infection Map

California Activists Ramp Up Fight Against Facial-Recognition Technology

Texas Deputy Sheriff Admits Cyberstalking Massachusetts Tween

Cyber Peace Institute Issues Plea for Governments to Protect Healthcare from Cyber-Attacks

Risky Strategy by Many Private Colleges Leaves Them Exposed

The Unaddressed Gap in Cybersecurity: Human Performance

Lawyers Aim £18bn Class Action Suit at easyJet
Data on 29 Million Indian Jobseekers Leaked

Qatar Tracing App Flaw Exposed 1m Users’ Data: Amnesty

Ohio-Based Management and Services Network Experiences Email Hack, Exposes PHI of 30k Individuals

North Babylon School District (New York) Investigating ‘Ransomware-Type’ Computer Virus

Arbonne MLM Data Breach Exposes User Passwords, Personal Info

Bank of America Reveals Data Breach in PPP Application Process

Hacking Group Ke3chang Builds New Ketrum Malware From Recycled Backdoors

Turla APT Revamps One of Its Go-To Spy Tools

New ComRAT Malware Uses Gmail to Receive Commands and Exfiltrate Data

New iOS Jailbreak Tool Works on iPhone Models iOS 11 to iOS 13.5

StrandHogg 2.0 Critical Bug Allows Android App Hijacking

Customized Android Builds Drive Global Security Inequality


States Plead for Cybersecurity Funds as Hacking Threat Surges

UK Cybersecurity Review May Mean the End for Huawei 5G Deal

What Would Happen If the UK Ditched Huawei?

Multiple Israeli Coronavirus Research Centers Struck in Major Cyber Attack

People Know Reusing Passwords Is Dumb, But Still Do It

Why Should You Teach Cybersecurity to Your Kids?

Ransomware Attacks Are Exploding in the Education Sector
A Massive Database of 8 Billion Thai Internet Records Leaks

Australian Customer Experience Firm Stellar Hit by Ransomware

Retailer IN SPORT’s Head Office Hit by Ransomware

Hacker Extorts Online Shops, Sells Databases If Ransom Not Paid

Thousands of Enterprise Systems Infected by New Blue Mockingbird Malware Gang

Cisco Emits Critical Fix in Latest Patch Bundle

70 Percent of Mobile, Desktop Apps Contain Open-Source Bugs

Houseparty Hires Firm That Linked Saudi Crown Prince to Jeff Bezos Hack Over Cyber Attack Rumors


Lawmakers Ask for Briefings on Chinese Targeting of Coronavirus Research

U.S. Tech Giants Are Reportedly Providing Web Services to Blacklisted Chinese Surveillance Firms

Fresh UK Review Into Huawei Role in 5G Networks

Japan Suspects Missile Data Leak in Mitsubishi Cyberattack

Cyberattack on Israeli Water Systems Uncovers Regulatory Chaos

Cyberattack on Israeli Websites Says ‘Countdown to Destruction Has Begun’

Krebs: Riding the State Unemployment Fraud ‘Wave’

‘Coronavirus Report’ Emails Spread NetSupport RAT, Microsoft Warns

North Dakota’s Contact Tracing App Sends User Data to Third Parties

Businesses Could Face Influx of Attacks When Offices Reopen

Federal Cyber Standards for Chemical Plants Criticized by Watchdog

Mumbai Police Force Uses ‘The Force’ for Cyber-Safety Campaign
Indonesia Probes Breach of Data on More Than Two Million Voters

Mathway Investigates Data Breach After 25m Records Sold on Dark Web

Online Education Site EduCBA Discloses Data Breach After Hack

Hacker Sells Tens of Thousands of Ledger, Tezor, and Keepkey Users’ Info

Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) Denies Breach After Cybercrime Group Maze Claims to Publish Private Data

NSO Group Impersonates Facebook Security Team to Spread Spyware — Report

ZLoader Banking Malware Is Back, Deployed in Over 100 Campaigns

RagnarLocker Ransomware Hides in Virtual Machine to Escape Detection

Discord Client Turned Into a Password Stealer by Updated Malware

Apple iOS 13.5 Hacked: Zero-Day Flaw Exploited By iPhone Jailbreakers

How iPhone Hackers Got Their Hands on the New iOS Months Before Its Release

eBay Port Scans Visitors’ Computers for Remote Access Programs

School Boy, 15, ‘Baby Al Capone’ Is Being Sued for $71.4m for ‘Hacking the Phone of a Wealthy Cryptocurrency Investor and Stealing $23.8m’


German Court Orders Spy Agency to Curb Foreign-Intelligence Gathering

Israeli Websites Targeted in Major Cyber Attack

Iranian APT Group Chafer Targets Governments in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

Senators Introduce Bill to Protect Seniors From Coronavirus Scams

To Test Its Security Mid-Pandemic, GitLab Tried Phishing Its Own Work-From-Home Staff: 1 in 5 Fell for It

70% of Organizations to Increase Cybersecurity Spending Following COVID-19 Pandemic

Microsoft Warns of “Massive” #COVID19 RAT

Zoom Meetings Bombed with Child Sexual Abuse Material

Flight Risk Employees Account for Most Insider Threats

Long Tail Analysis: A New Hope in the Cybercrime Battle
Hacker Shares 40 Million Wishbone User Records for Free

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Data Breach Exposed Social Security Numbers of Some Who Applied for Unemployment

Crooks Tap Google Firebase in Fresh Phishing Tactic

Supreme Court Phish Targets Office 365 Credentials

Hackers Tried to Use Sophos Firewall Zero-Day to Deploy Ransomware

Ransomware Deploys Virtual Machines to Hide Itself From Antivirus Software

Silent Night Banking Trojan Charges Top Dollar on the Underground

Winnti Group Targets Video Game Developers with New Backdoor Malware

New PipeMon Malware Uses Windows Print Processors for Persistence

New ‘Spectra’ Attack Breaks the Separation Between WI-FI and Bluetooth

Critical Cisco Bug in Unified CCX Allows Remote Code Execution


Japan Defence Ministry Investigating Potential Hack of Next-Gen Missile Details: Asahi

Michigan Launches Cybercrime Hotline

Fraudulent Unemployment, COVID-19 Relief Claims Earn BEC Gang Millions

Vigilante Hackers Target ‘Scammers’ With Ransomware, DDoS Attacks

Tech Chiefs Press Cloud Suppliers for Consistency on Security Data

IRS Hasn’t Implemented More Than 100 Federal Watchdog’s Cybersecurity Recommendations

Stanford University Tops List of US Cybersecurity Degree Providers
Home Chef Announces Data Breach After Hacker Sells 8m User Records

Snake Ransomware Leaks Patient Data From Fresenius Medical Care

Ohioans’ Personal Info Exposed in Pandemic Unemployment Data Breach, ODJFS Says

Borough of Duncannon (PA) Says It Was the Victim of Ransomware Attack Last Month

Sydney Sports Store Instore Hit by Windows Revil Ransomware

Houseparty Denied It Had Been Hacked While Miscreants Were Abusing Its Dot-Com Domain Name Infrastructure

GhostDNS Exploit Kit Source Code Leaked to Antivirus Company

Dark Web Crypto Use Grew Exponentially


Easyjet Hack Leaves 9 Million Customers’ Details Exposed

Chinese Hackers Suspected

Taiwan Suggests China’s Winnti Group Is Behind Ransomware Attack on State Oil Company

FBI Probe Ties Florida Attack to al Qaeda, Faults Apple

REvil to Auction Stolen Madonna Data

FTC Warns About Contact Tracing Scams

Financial Gain Trumps Espionage as Top Motivator in Cyber Attacks: Report

Minnesota Sees Surge in Sex Crimes Against Minors Online

Krebs: Ukraine Nabs Sanix (a.k.a. “Sanixer“) Suspect in 773M Password ‘Megabreach’

The Top 10 Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities

The Cybersecurity Processes Most Vulnerable to Human Error

NetWalker Adjusts Ransomware Operation to Only Target Enterprise

Half of Public Sector Workers Have Never Heard of Ransomware

How to Decode a Data Breach Notice
Brazil’s Biggest Cosmetic Brand Natura Exposes Personal Details of Its Users

72,000 on Pandemic Unemployment Assistance in Colorado Had Private Information Exposed

Beer Rating App ‘Untapped’ Reveals Homes and Identities of Spies and Military Bods, Warns Bellingcat

Rogue ADT Tech Spied on Hundreds of Customers in Their Homes via CCTV

BlockFi Says It Suffered a Data Breach, but No Customer Funds Were Lost

Supernodes Across Europe Attacked By Cryptojackers To Illicitly Mine Monero

Mercedes-Benz Source Code Exposed via Misconfigured Git Registration System

WolfRAT Android Malware Targets WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger

NXNSAttack Technique Can Be Abused for Large-Scale DDOS Attacks

Clever Phishing Attack Bypasses MFA to Nab Microsoft Office 365 Credentials

Google Rolls out New Enhanced Safe Browsing Security Feature

Adobe Patches Critical RCE Flaw in Character Animator App


Bipartisan Bill Would Restrict Purchases of Airport Equipment From Chinese Companies

Officials: Israel Linked to a Disruptive Cyberattack on Iranian Port Facility

Pandemic Raises New Cybersecurity Concerns for Navy

Cyber Insurers Get Tough on Risk Assessments Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Ransomware Gang “Pentaguard” Arrested for Spreading Locky to Hospitals

Chicago Children’s Hospital Sued Over Data Breaches

Over 190 Law Firms Affected by Advanced Data Leak That Exposed Over 10,000 Legal Documents

Krebs: This Service From “RedBear” Helps Malware Authors Fix Flaws in their Code

The 3 Top Cybersecurity Myths & What You Should Know

Why It’s Critical to Ensure Your IoT Doesn’t Become a Tangled Web of Vulnerability
Hacker Sells 129 Million Sensitive Records of Russian Car Owners

Data Breach In Illinois’ New Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) System Exposes Some Claimants’ Personal Info

Samsung, Rolls-Royce Information Exposed by Leaky Database, Security Firm Says

Covve Revealed as Source of Data Breach Impacting 23m Individuals

Sri Lankan Websites Come Under Cyber Attack

WAFB (LA) Experiences Brief Digital Hack

ProLock Ransomware Teams Up With QakBot Trojan to Infect Victims

FBI Warns of Prolock Ransomware Decryptor Not Working Properly

Fake U.S. Dept of Treasury Emails Spreads New Node.js Malware

Smartphones, Laptops, IoT Devices Vulnerable to New BIAS Bluetooth Attack

Edison Mail iOS Bug Exposes Emails to Strangers

Windows 10 Defender’s Hidden Features Revealed by This Free Tool


U.S. Secret Service: “Massive Fraud” Against State Unemployment Insurance Programs (Krebs)

REvil Ransomware Gang Asks $42m From NY Law Firm, Threatens to Leak Dirt on Trump

Law Firm Targeted by Hackers Says Trump Was Never a Client

UK Power Grid Biz Suffers Outage After Cyber-Attack

Anti-Coronavirus Masks May Thwart Our Creepy Face-Recog Cameras, London Cops Admit

European Debate Over Coronavirus Apps Hints at Potential Rift in U.S.

European Parliament Hit by Major Cyber-Attack

API Attacks Increase During Lockdown

Commerce Department Cracks Down on Huawei’s Access to Chips

Iowa Civil Rights Meeting Zoom-bombed

Likely Breach Shuts Down Arkansas Unemployment Program

Texas Government Agencies Hacked For 2nd Time In Week

Average US Citizen Had Personal Information Stolen at Least 4 Times in 2019

The Lack of Women in Cybersecurity Leaves the Online World at Greater Risk
Australia: New South Wales Government Hit by Data Breach via Phishing Attack

Australia’s Bluescope Steel Says Cyber ‘Incident’ Causing Disruptions

Port Kembla Steelworks Hit by BlueScope Cyber Attack

US Healthcare Admin Firm Management and Network Services (MNS) Admits Data Breach

San Dieguito School District (CA) Hit by Data Breach

European Supercomputers Hacked in Mysterious Cyberattacks

RATicate Group Hits Industrial Firms With Revolving Payloads

Information of Over 115 Million Pakistani Mobile Subscribers Exposed in a Massive Data Leak

WordPress Malware Finds WooCommerce Sites for Magecart Attacks

Hoaxcalls Botnet Exploits Symantec Secure Web Gateways

New Botsight Browser Extension Reveals Twitter Bots

Android Malware Mandrake Stayed Hidden for Years, Infecting Tens of Thousands Smartphones

Quantum Security Goes Live with Samsung Galaxy

Want To Hack A Satellite? Now’s Your Chance To Impress the Air Force


China Calls U.S. Accusation of Hacking in COVID-19 Research “Slander”

Merkel Cites ‘Hard Evidence’ She Was Targeted by Russian Hackers

Crypto Jacking Syndicate Linked to North Korea Leader Kim Jong-Un

UK Electricity Middleman Elexon Hit by Cyber-Attack

Scammers Steal $10 Million From Norway’s State Investment Fund Norfund

Utah Says No to Apple/Google COVID-19 Tracing; Debuts Startup App

#COVID19 Hospital Construction Firms Hit by Cyber-Attacks

Hackers Change Ransomware Tactics to Exploit Coronavirus Crisis

Remote Workers Often Not Provided Secure Tools

Senate Votes to Reauthorize Intel Programs With Added Legal Protections

Ohio Votes to Outlaw Attempted Hacks

TikTok Violated Children’s Privacy Law, FTC Complaint Says

How to Find a Job in Cybersecurity
City Index Reports Intrusion and Potential Data Breach

Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) IT System Went Down Following Cyber Attack

Latest Nova Scotia Privacy Breach Reveals Names, Medical Conditions, Sexual Abuse Details

Hacker Selling 550 Million Stolen User Records on Hacking Forum

Citizen Data Compromised as Service NSW Falls Victim to Phishing Attack

Bernards Township’s (NJ) Computers Target of Ransomware Attack, Town’s Website Knocked Offline

Ashtabula County Medical Center (OH) Inadvertently Posts Spreadsheet With 3,683 Patients’ Information on Website

Hack of Pickens County School (AL) Board Zoom Meeting Under Investigation

BEC Gang Exploits G Suite, Long Domain Names in Cyberattacks

Innovative Spy Trojan Based on COMPFun RAT Targets European Diplomatic Targets

Prolock Ransomware Teams up With Qakbot Trojan for Network Access

Critical Flaws Found in Cyberoam Security Devices

Login with Facebook Bug Earns $20K Bounty

Improper Microsoft Patch for Reverse RDP Attacks Leaves 3rd-Party RDP Clients Vulnerable

Microsoft Adds DNS-Over-HTTPS Support for Windows 10 Insiders


U.S. Accuses China-Linked Hackers of Stealing Coronavirus Research

U.S. Defense Warns of 3 New Malware Used by North Korean Hackers

Russian Hacking Attack on Bundestag Damaged Trust, Says Merkel

Leaked NHS Docs Reveal Roadmap, Concerns Around Contact-Tracing App

Banks’ DMARC Fail Puts #COVID19 Business Loans at Risk of Phishing

Experts Sound Alarms About Security as States Eye Online Voting

Senator Wyden Demands Deep Probe Into NSO Group After Spyware-Hacking Toolkit Offered to American Cops

California Privacy Advocates Push for Statewide Vote on Stricter Protections

Texas Courts Won’t Pay Up in Ransomware Attack

Lady Gaga, Madonna Among A-Listers Whose Information Was Stolen in Law Firm Hack

Details of Celebrities Stolen in REvil Ransomware Attack on High-Profile Law Firm
Healthcare Giant Magellan Struck with Ransomware, Data Breach

Brit Research Supercomputer Archer’s Login Nodes Exploited in Cyber-Attack, Admins Reset Passwords and SSH Keys

Hackers Steal Information on up to 100,000 Interserve Employees

Ohio Unemployment System Thwarts Cyber Attack

900 Million iPhones Affected By Updated Apple iOS Warning

Researcher Spots New ‘Ramsay’ Malware Claimed to be ‘Tailored for Air‑Gapped Networks’

Google WordPress Plugin Bug Can Be Exploited for Black Hat SEO

Feds Reveal Hidden Cobra’s Trove of Espionage Tools

Sophos: Paying Ransom Can Double Attack Recovery Costs

New York Hospital Patients Lack Standing in Data Breach Row

CyberArk Acquires Idaptive


House Democrats Include $3.6 Billion for Mail-In Voting in New Stimulus Bill

The Cyberthreat That Could Derail the World’s Race to Develop a Coronavirus Vaccine

Investigation into “Significant Privacy Breach” at Ontario Care Home

Government Cybersecurity Commission Calls for International Cooperation, Resilience and Retaliation

Security Chiefs Look to Justify Cybersecurity Costs During Business Downturn

Why Everyone Is Needed to Make Cybersecurity Matter

CISSP Qualification Given Equal Status to Master’s Degree
Swiss Train Maker Stadler Rail AG Suffers Cyber Attack, Data ‘Most Likely’ Leaked

Over 4000 Android Apps Expose Users’ Data via Misconfigured Firebase Databases

Toll Group Resists Ransom Demands From Hackers After Cyber Attack

Anubis Malware Upgrade Logs When Victims Look at Their Screens

Microsoft Addresses 111 Bugs for May Patch Tuesday

Adobe Kills 16 Critical Flaws in Acrobat and Reader, Digital Negative SDK

Three Years After WannaCry, Ransomware Accelerating While Patching Still Problematic


FBI, DHS to Accuse China of Trying to Hack Coronavirus Researchers

Iran Reports Failed Cyber-Attack on Strait of Hormuz Port

Warren Warns Coronavirus ‘Poses a Threat to Free and Fair Elections’

Flattening The Curve On Cybersecurity Risk After COVID-19

Managed Service Providers Face Threats From Hackers and Clients

Only 19% of Lockdown ‘Work from Homers’ Update Anti-Virus Solution

FTC Assessing Whether Its Health Data Breach Rule Is Stale

Texas Court Systems Hit by Cyberattack

U.S. Marshals Announced Data Breach of Prisoners’ Information
Krebs: Ransomware Hit ATM Giant Diebold Nixdorf

Package Delivery Giant Pitney Bowes Confirms Second Ransomware Attack in 7 Months

Star Tribune (MN) Data Breach?

Attackers Pose as Zoom to Steal Microsoft Credentials

Sphinx Malware Returns to Riddle U.S. Targets

Astaroth’s New Evasion Tactics Make It ‘Painful to Analyze’

Sodinokibi ransomware can now penetrate locked files

7 New Flaws Affect All Thunderbolt-equipped Computers Sold in the Last 9 Years

Unpatched Bugs in Oracle iPlanet Open Door to Info-Disclosure, Injection

An Undisclosed Critical Vulnerability Affect vBulletin Forums — Patch Now


Iranian Hackers Target U.S. Drug Company Gilead Involved in Coronavirus Treatment

Chinese Tech Giant Tencent Reportedly Surveilled Foreign Users of Wechat to Help Censorship at Home

Russian hackers accessed emails from Merkel’s constituency office: Der Spiegel

EU: UK Must Share More Data to Access Crime-fighting System

Grenell Announces Creation of Intelligence Community ‘Cyber Executive’

Krebs: Meant to Combat ID Theft, Unemployment Benefits Letter Prompts ID Theft Worries

Black Hat USA, DEF CON 28 Go Virtual

4 Cybersecurity Lessons from the Front Lines of Pandemic Preparation

A Virtual Graduation at Oklahoma City University Was Hacked With Racist Attacks

Explicit Child Pornography Shown in Zoom Hack of Ohio School Board Meeting
Microsoft’s GitHub Account Gets Hacked

ShinyHunters Hackers Sell Over 73 Million Stolen User Records on the Dark Web

ChatBooks Discloses Data Breach After Data Sold on Dark Web

Hackers Breach 3.5 Million MobiFriends Dating App Credentials

Celebrity Data Stolen in Ransomware Attack on NYC Law Firm Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks

How Law Firms Can Demonstrate Strong Cybersecurity Practices

DigitalOcean Data Leak Incident Exposed Some of Its Customers Data

Ashtabula County Medical Center (OH) Notice of Data Security Incident

FTC Seeks Input on Health Data Breach Notification Rule

Possible Data Breach Reported at Pickering Long-Term Care Home (Ontario)

One Malicious MMS Is All It Takes to Pwn a Samsung Smartphone: Bug Squashed Amid Android Patch Batch