Lawmakers Ask for Briefings on Chinese Targeting of Coronavirus Research

U.S. Tech Giants Are Reportedly Providing Web Services to Blacklisted Chinese Surveillance Firms

Fresh UK Review Into Huawei Role in 5G Networks

Japan Suspects Missile Data Leak in Mitsubishi Cyberattack

Cyberattack on Israeli Water Systems Uncovers Regulatory Chaos

Cyberattack on Israeli Websites Says ‘Countdown to Destruction Has Begun’

Krebs: Riding the State Unemployment Fraud ‘Wave’

‘Coronavirus Report’ Emails Spread NetSupport RAT, Microsoft Warns

North Dakota’s Contact Tracing App Sends User Data to Third Parties

Businesses Could Face Influx of Attacks When Offices Reopen

Federal Cyber Standards for Chemical Plants Criticized by Watchdog

Mumbai Police Force Uses ‘The Force’ for Cyber-Safety Campaign
Indonesia Probes Breach of Data on More Than Two Million Voters

Mathway Investigates Data Breach After 25m Records Sold on Dark Web

Online Education Site EduCBA Discloses Data Breach After Hack

Hacker Sells Tens of Thousands of Ledger, Tezor, and Keepkey Users’ Info

Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) Denies Breach After Cybercrime Group Maze Claims to Publish Private Data

NSO Group Impersonates Facebook Security Team to Spread Spyware — Report

ZLoader Banking Malware Is Back, Deployed in Over 100 Campaigns

RagnarLocker Ransomware Hides in Virtual Machine to Escape Detection

Discord Client Turned Into a Password Stealer by Updated Malware

Apple iOS 13.5 Hacked: Zero-Day Flaw Exploited By iPhone Jailbreakers

How iPhone Hackers Got Their Hands on the New iOS Months Before Its Release

eBay Port Scans Visitors’ Computers for Remote Access Programs

School Boy, 15, ‘Baby Al Capone’ Is Being Sued for $71.4m for ‘Hacking the Phone of a Wealthy Cryptocurrency Investor and Stealing $23.8m’

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