German Court Orders Spy Agency to Curb Foreign-Intelligence Gathering

Israeli Websites Targeted in Major Cyber Attack

Iranian APT Group Chafer Targets Governments in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

Senators Introduce Bill to Protect Seniors From Coronavirus Scams

To Test Its Security Mid-Pandemic, GitLab Tried Phishing Its Own Work-From-Home Staff: 1 in 5 Fell for It

70% of Organizations to Increase Cybersecurity Spending Following COVID-19 Pandemic

Microsoft Warns of “Massive” #COVID19 RAT

Zoom Meetings Bombed with Child Sexual Abuse Material

Flight Risk Employees Account for Most Insider Threats

Long Tail Analysis: A New Hope in the Cybercrime Battle
Hacker Shares 40 Million Wishbone User Records for Free

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Data Breach Exposed Social Security Numbers of Some Who Applied for Unemployment

Crooks Tap Google Firebase in Fresh Phishing Tactic

Supreme Court Phish Targets Office 365 Credentials

Hackers Tried to Use Sophos Firewall Zero-Day to Deploy Ransomware

Ransomware Deploys Virtual Machines to Hide Itself From Antivirus Software

Silent Night Banking Trojan Charges Top Dollar on the Underground

Winnti Group Targets Video Game Developers with New Backdoor Malware

New PipeMon Malware Uses Windows Print Processors for Persistence

New ‘Spectra’ Attack Breaks the Separation Between WI-FI and Bluetooth

Critical Cisco Bug in Unified CCX Allows Remote Code Execution

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