FBI Investigating ‘Zoom Bombings’ Involving Child Sexual Abuse

Nearly One Fifth of Law Firms Show Signs of Compromise

FTC Warns College Students of Scams Relating to Coronavirus Checks

UK Energy Operators Join the European Network for Cybersecurity

Brussels Report: More EU Privacy Investigations, Longer Decision Times

Google Highlights Indian ‘Hack-For-Hire’ Companies in New Tag Report

Chinese Researchers Disrupt Malware Attack That Infected Thousands of PCs

1000 Corporate Systems Infected With Monero Mining Malware

3 Questions Your Board Has About Cybersecurity

Thais Ditch Twitter for Blockchain-Based Social Network Minds
Hackers Sell Data from 26 Million LiveJournal Users on Dark Web

Truecaller Denies Data Leak After 4.75m Users’ Info Emerges on Darknet

Michigan State University Hit by Ransomware Threatening Leak of Student and Financial Data

Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization Hit by Ransomware Attack

Columbus (GA) Mayor Confirms Ransomware Attack on City Government Yesterday

More Ohio PUA Applicants Claim PII Exposed; State Denies

DoubleGun Group Builds Massive Botnet Using Cloud Services

Smart Cars Vulnerable to Hack That Could Enable ‘Remote Control’

$100 Million in Bounties Paid by Hackerone to Ethical Hackers

New York Teen Masterminds $23.8m Crypto Heist

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