Pro-Russian Hacktivist Group Targets Czech Presidential Election

Russian Hackers Try to Bypass ChatGPT’s Restrictions For Malicious Purposes

NSA Director Asks Congress to Let It Get On With That Warrantless Data Harvesting Without Lapse

Russians Say They Can Grab Software From Intel Again

How to Use Your Phone to Find Hidden Cameras

The Biggest Risks of Using Bluetooth Trackers Like Apple AirTag, Tile

The Big Risk in the Most-Popular, and Aging, Big Tech Default Email Programs

In the Fight Against Scams, ‘Cyber Ambassadors’ Enter the Chat

Brave Browser’s New Snowflake Feature Help Bypass Tor Blocks

Economic Uncertainty Weighs on Cyber Chiefs

TikTok Slapped With $5.4 Million Fine Over Cookie Opt-Out Feature
NortonLifeLock Warns That Hackers Breached Password Manager Accounts

Liquor Control Board of Ontario Site Hacked to Steal Credit Cards

Dozens of Clerk of Court Offices in Louisiana Offline Following Cyber Attack

Malware Attack on CircleCI Engineer’s Laptop Leads to Recent Security Incident

Tainted VPNs Being Used to Spread EyeSpy Surveillanceware

Hacker Group Discloses Ability to Encrypt an RTU Device Using Ransomware, Industry Reacts

PoC Exploits Released for Critical Bugs in Popular WordPress Plugins

Hackers Exploit Control Web Panel Flaw to Open Reverse Shells

Cacti Servers Under Attack as Majority Fail to Patch Critical Vulnerability

Ransomware Has Now Become a Problem for Everyone, and Not Just Tech

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