Air Travel Across U.S. Thrown Into Chaos After Computer Outage

White House: No Evidence of Cyber Attack

Biden: Cause Not Clear

Canada Out Too

UK Royal Mail Unable to Send Letters and Parcels Overseas After ‘Cyber Incident’

Twitter: ‘No Evidence’ 200 Million Leaked Usernames and Emails Came From an Exploit of Systems

Hackers Discover That Vulnerabilities Are Rife in the Auto Industry

Cloudflare Takes Aim at a Top Security Threat: Your Inbox

AI-Generated Phishing Emails Just Got Much More Convincing

Is ChatGPT a Cybersecurity Threat?

Biden Aides Find Second Batch of Classified Documents at New Location

Complicates Trump Probe

Cybersecurity Staff Are Struggling: Here’s How to Support Them Better

A Police App Exposed Secret Details About Raids and Suspects
New APT Dark Pink Hits Asia-Pacific, Europe With Spear Phishing Tactics

The Guardian Confirms Criminals Accessed Staff Data in Ransomware Attack

Sensitive Files From San Francisco Transit Police Allegedly Leaked

Australian Healthcare Sector Targeted in Latest Gootkit Malware Attacks

Senior Healthcare Consulate Health Care Reports Third-Party Data Breach

OneAmerica Financial Partners Files Notice of Recent Data Breach After Phishing Attack

New Analysis Reveals Raspberry Robin Can be Repurposed by Other Threat Actors

Scattered Spider Hackers Use Old Intel Driver to Bypass Security

Cisco Warns of Auth Bypass Bug With Public Exploit in EoL Routers

Hundreds of SugarCRM Servers Infected With Critical In-The-Wild Exploit

Threema Claims Encryption Flaws Never Had a Real-World Impact

Krebs: Microsoft Patch Tuesday, January 2023 Edition

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