Multiple UK Schools Hit by Cyber Attack and Documents Leaked

Russian Turla Hackers Hijack Decade-Old Malware Infrastructure to Deploy New Backdoors

Phishing Attacks Are Increasing and Getting More Sophisticated: Here’s How to Avoid Them

Malicious PyPi Packages Create CloudFlare Tunnels to Bypass Firewalls

What Twitter’s 200 Million Email Leak Really Means

More Cybersecurity Training and Better Hiring Practices Could Help Narrow the Talent Gap

Amazon S3 Will Now Encrypt All New Data With AES-256 by Default

FCC Wants Telecom Carriers to Report Data Breaches Faster

2023 U.S. Cybersecurity Predictions
Iran Says It Foiled Cyberattack on Central Bank

Air France and KLM Notify Customers of Account Hacks

Chick-Fil-A Investigates Reports of Hacked Customer Accounts

Fake Pokemon NFT Game Installer Lets Hackers Hijack Your PC

Fitzgibbon Hospital (MO) Announces Data Breach

FBI Investigates Cyber Attack Against Lawrence County (OH) Vendor Cott Systems

Dridex Malware Now Attacking macOS Systems with Novel Infection Method

Microsoft Reveals Tactics Used by 4 Ransomware Families Targeting macOS

Why Cybersecurity Should Be Top Of Mind In 2023

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