Biden’s Cyber Priorities Zero in on Russian Hack

McCaul Urges Senators to Block Vote on Commerce Secretary Over Huawei Concerns

What Tech Can the President Use?

Krebs: International Action Targets Emotet Crimeware

Europol: Emotet Malware Will Uninstall Itself on March 25th

Krebs: Arrest, Seizures Tied to NetWalker Ransomware

New Zealand Financial Markets Regulator Says NZX Failed to Meet Tech Standards

Many Cybersecurity Job Candidates Are Subpar, On-the-Job Training Falls Short

Tampa Cybersecurity Firm ReliaQuest Hired to Protect Super Bowl From Hackers

Insurers Defend Covering Ransomware Payments

Grindr Faces $11.7m Data Privacy Fine
Warning Issued Over Hackable ADT’s LifeShield Home Security Cameras

Midland University Update on Auxiliary Systems Ransomware Incident

TeamTNT Cloaks Malware With Open-Source Tool

Remote Attackers Can Now Reach Protected Network Devices via NAT Slipstreaming

New Docker Container Escape Bug Affects Microsoft Azure Functions

Apple Patches Three Actively Exploited Zero-Days, Part of iOS Emergency Update

Microsoft Rolls Out Application Guard for Office to All Customers

Here’s how a researcher broke into Microsoft VS Code’s GitHub

Microsoft’s Security Business Swells to $10 Billion

Apple, Facebook Report Increase in Earnings at the End of 2020

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