Biden Includes Over $10 Billion in Cyber, IT Funds as Part of COVID-19 Relief Proposal

Christopher Krebs: Infrastructure Operators ‘Need to Be Assembling Their Crisis Management Teams Yesterday’

UK Ministry of Defence’s Cyber Warfare Drive Is Burn a Hole Through Its Budget, Warns National Audit Office

NSA Warns Against Using DoH Inside Enterprise Networks

Phishing Warning: These Are the Brands Most Likely to Be Impersonated by Crooks

SolarWinds Defense: How to Stop Similar Attacks

Silicon Valley’s Share of Venture Capital Expected to Drop Below 20% for the First Time This Year

Nintendo Uses Copyright Claims to Take Down Game & Watch Hacking Videos
Facebook: Malicious Chrome Extension Developers Scraped Profile Data

Verified Twitter Accounts Hacked in $580k ‘Elon Musk’ Crypto Scam

Amazon’s Ring Neighbors App Exposed Users’ Precise Locations and Home Addresses

Ring Adds End-to-End Encryption to Quell Security Uproar

Telegram Bots at Heart of Classiscam Scam-as-a-Service

Windows 10 Bug Corrupts Your Hard Drive on Seeing This File’s Icon

Cisco Says It Won’t Patch 74 Security Bugs in Older RV Routers That Reached EOL

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