Oracle Wins Bid for TikTok in U.S., After Microsoft Proposal Rejected

Russia and China Dismiss Microsoft Allegations of Bids to Hack Biden and Trump Camps

Russian-linked APT28 Mounts Rapid, Large-Scale Theft of Office 365 Logins

U.K. Government Funds Cybersecurity Assessments for Smaller Medical Suppliers

Cyber Attacks in Paterson (NJ) Hack Virtual Classrooms With Pornography, Threats Against Teachers

It’s No ‘Giggle’: Managing Expectations for Vulnerability Disclosure

Political Disruptor Charged with Wire Fraud Conspiracy
Fourth Judicial District Court of Louisiana Documents Published in Ransomware Attack

U.S. Staffing Firm Artech Discloses Ransomware Attack, Data Breach

Development Bank of Seychelles Hit by Ransomware Attack

Moffitt Cancer Center (FL): Stolen Briefcase Exposed Data of 4,056 Cancer Patients

WordPress Plugin Flaw Allows Attackers to Forge Emails

Researcher Kept a Major Bitcoin Bug Secret for Two Years to Prevent Attacks

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