Politics Surrounding TikTok’s Future in the U.S. Pollute Valid Data Security Concerns, Expert Says

Twitter Mandates Lawmakers, Journalists to Beef up Passwords Heading Into Election

FBI Chief Says Russia Is Trying to Interfere in Election to Undermine Biden

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Hacked After Posting Boarding Pass on Instagram

Video Encoders Using Huawei Chips Have Backdoors and Bad Bugs – Chinese Giant Says It’s Not to Blame

Treasury Dept. Sanctions Iranian Government-Backed Hackers

U.S. Charges Three Iranians Over Satellite Tech Firm Hacking

Krebs: Chinese Antivirus Firm Was Part of APT41 ‘Supply Chain’ Attack
Fatality After German Hospital Hacked

Conroe Independent School District (TX) Makes System Adjustments Following Cyber Attack

Universities Face Increase in Ransomware Attacks as Students Return

Drug Spammers Start Using New Technique to Bypass Spam Filters

Apple Bug Allows Code Execution on iPhone, iPad, iPod

Hands on With iOS 14’s New Data Breach Notification Feature

Maze Ransomware Now Encrypts via Virtual Machines to Evade Detection

Mozi Botnet Accounts for Majority of IoT Traffic

Google Play Bans Stalkerware and ‘Misrepresentation’

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