Judge Blocks Trump Administration’s Ban on New TikTok Downloads From U.S. App Stores

White House Chief of Staff Knocks FBI Director Over Testimony on Election Fraud

Tyler Technologies Says Clients Reported Suspicious Logins After Hack

Microsoft Kills 18 Azure Accounts Tied to Nation-State Attacks

Facebook Takes Down More Beijing-Backed Fake Accounts

Google to Temporarily Bar Election-Related Ads After Polls Close on Nov. 3

Facebook Critics Launch Alternative Oversight Board

Could Estonia Be the Model for Secure Online Voting?

Brussels Report: Governments’ Concerns Rise About Pandemic Cyberattacks on Health Care

Industrial Cyberattacks Get Rarer but More Complex

Ring’s Flying In-Home Camera Drone Escalates Privacy Worries

Trump Administration Signs AI Research and Development Agreement With the UK

Student Arrested Over Cyber-attacks on Indiana Schools

Krebs: Who is Tech Investor John Bernard?
Cyber-Partisans Hack Websites of State Channels in Belarus

Hackers Have Infiltrated Many of Washington State’s Agencies

Millcreek Township (PA) Confirms Computer System Hacked

Hungarian Banks, Telecoms Services Briefly Hit by Cyber Attack: Magyar Telekom

FinSpy Spyware for Mac and Linux OS Targets Egyptian Organisations

KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked for $150 Million

Twitter Is Warning Devs That API Keys and Tokens May Have Leaked

Techies Scramble to Fix Airbnb Website Bug That Let Strangers Read Each Others’ Account Messages

Louis Vuitton Fixes Data Leak and Account Takeover Vulnerability

Coffee Machine Hit By Ransomware Attack—Yes, You Read That Right

Most Local Banks Ignore Cyber Security

FortiGate VPN Default Config Allows MitM Attacks

ThunderX Ransomware Silenced With Release of a Free Decryptor

Pastebin Adds ‘Burn After Read’ and ‘Password Protected Pastes’ to the Dismay of the Infosec Community

Microsoft Windows XP Source Code Reportedly Leaked Online

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