Zuckerberg Defends Hands-Off Approach to Trump’s Posts

Krebs: REvil Ransomware Gang Starts Auctioning Victim Data

Iran ‘Opened a Pandora’s Box’ in Cyber Attack on Israeli Water System

EU to Impose Sanctions on Russia Hackers for Cyber Attack on German Bundestag – Journalist

Cyber Incidents, Possibly by Anonymous, Accompany U.S. Unrest

COVID-19 & 5 Data Breaches Combine Into a Cyberstorm for Consumers

Cybersecurity Spending Hits ‘Temporary Pause’ Amid Pandemic

Cybersecurity Startups Feel a Pinch on Funding and Sales

Police Efforts Help to Erode Trust on Dark Web

European Cybersecurity Blogger Award Winners Announced

NYC Cybersecurity Bootcamp Offers Free Training Nationwide

Office 365 to Make One-Time Passcode Emails Look Less Spammy
Islamic Hackers Group Claims Responsibility for Cyber-Attack That Exposed PII of Hundreds of Israelis

Bahamas Police Probe Registry Hack

Researchers Find Exposed Data on Millions of Users of Quiz App, TVSmiles

Saint Joseph Health & 6 More Indiana Providers Report Improper Disposal of Patient Records

Commercial Services Group (CSG) Hit With Ransomware

Octopus Scanner Sinks Tentacles into GitHub Repositories

Google Fixes Android Flaws That Allow Code Execution With High System Rights

Apple Jailbreak Zero-Day Gets a Patch

Critical Exim bugs being patched but many servers still at risk

Linus Torvalds Trashes 5.8 Linux Kernel Patch Over Opt-In Intel CPU Bug Mitigation

Severe Cisco DoS Flaw Can Cripple Nexus Switches

VMware Cloud Director Flaw Lets Hackers Take Over Virtual Datacenters

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