Researchers Say Online Voting Tech Used in 5 States Is Fatally Flawed

Fake Black Lives Matter Voting Campaign Spreads Trickbot Malware

FBI Warns Hackers Are Targeting Mobile Banking Apps

Scammers Pretend to Be COVID-19 Contact Tracers to Get Personal Information From Victims

Office 365 Phishing Baits Business Owners With Relief Payments

Environmentalists Targeted Exxon Mobil. Then Hackers Targeted Them.

What Is Gaia-X? A Guide to Europe’s Cloud Computing Fight-Back Plan

Amazon Puts One-Year Moratorium on Rekognition Facial Recognition Technology for Police Use

Facebook Paid for a Tool to Hack Its Own User, Then Handed It to the FBI

Cost of US Cyber Command Program Quintuples

Slovak Police Seize Wiretapping Devices Connected to Government Network

Minimal Techno DJ Denis Kaznacheev Arrested in Berlin on Cyber-Crime Charges at Request of the U.S. Government

Helping Remote Workers Overcome Remote Attacks
Italian Encryption Utility Firm CloudEyE Accused of Bundling GuLoader Malware Functions in Product

Norwegian Shipbuilder Vard Hit by Ransomware Cyberattack

Self-Destructing Skimmer Steals Credit Cards of Greenworks Hardware Tools Customers

Coinsquare CEO Says Company Was Contacted About Potential Data Breach Affecting Thousands of Users Last Year

Mt. Diablo Unified School District (CA) Notifies Parents

Employed People Getting Hit With Unemployment Payment Scam in Illinois To Divulge Bank Information

Snake Ransomware Delivers Double-Strike on Honda and Enel Argentina

Thanos Ransomware First to Weaponize RIPlace Tactic

GnuTLS Patches Security Hole That Hung Around for Two Years – Worse Than Heartbleed, Says Google Cryptoboffin

Kingminer Patches Vulnerable Servers to Lock out Competitors

Expiring SSL Certs Expected to Break Smart TVs, Fridges, and IoTs

Equifax’s Latest Breach Settlement Is Skimpy to Plaintiffs, Critics Say

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