Cyber Spies Use LinkedIn to Hack European Defence Firms

North Korea’s Lazarus Group at It Again: Watch Out for .rar Files Coming and Going From Your Networks

Agencies Say FCC Should Deny Request for Underwater Cable Between Hong Kong and U.S.

Krebs: When Security Takes a Backseat to Productivity (in the CIA)

Israel And Greece Sign an Agreement on Cybersecurity Info-Sharing

Widespread Security Vulnerabilities in Mobile Banking Apps

Zoom Reverses Course, Will Give End-To-End Encryption Option to All Users

Premier League’s Return: A Hat Trick of Cyberthreats?

BEC Attackers Ditch C-Suite in Favor of Fresh Target

Sharp Rise in Web Attacks on Gamers
IT Giant Cognizant Confirms Data Breach After Ransomware Attack

DraftKings Discloses SBTech Ransomware Attack in SEC Filing

REvil Ransomware Group Begins Leaking Sensitive Data From Goodman Mintz LLP, Strategic Sites LLC, and ZEGG Hotels & Store

Unemployment Fraud in Washington Linked to Health Care Ransomware

Care New England Website Remains Down; No Evidence Found of Data Breach

Cyber Security Expert Says Care New England Hack ‘Is Indicative of Ransomware’

Shlayer Mac Malware Returns with Extra Sneakiness

AcidBox Malware Uncovered Using Repurposed VirtualBox Exploit

Bug in ‘USB for Remote Desktop’ Lets Hackers Add Fake Devices

Cisco Fixes Severe Flaws in Webex Meetings for Windows, MacOS

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