FBI Probing Racist Emails Sent to Thousands Affiliated With Major Universities: Reports

Two-Fifths of Firms May Replace Email After #COVID19

How COVID-19 Has Changed Cybersecurity

Work From Home Opens New Remote Insider Threats

Number of Breached Records Continues to Soar

Facebook Accused of Trying to Bypass GDPR, Slurp Domain Owners’ Personal Whois Info via an Obscure Process

Google Is on a Mission to Stop You From Reusing Passwords

Cyber-Extortionist Threatens Australian Swimming Pro

Cop Comedy Riskiest Show to Watch Online

Microsoft Is Adding Linux, Android, and Firmware Protections to Windows

VirusTotal Adds Cynet’s Artificial Intelligence-Based Malware Detection
Twitter Discloses Billing Info Leak After ‘Data Security Incident’

Keizer, Oregon Pays $48,000 Cyber-Ransom

Richmond Hill (GA) Computers Restored After Alleged Hack

European Victims Refuse to Bow to Thanos Ransomware

Fxmsp Hackers Made $1.5m Selling Access to Corporate Networks

Sodinokibi (REvil) Ransomware Now Scans Networks For PoS Systems

Hakbit Ransomware Attack Uses GuLoader, Malicious Microsoft Excel Attachments

Ryuk Ransomware Deployed Two Weeks After Trickbot Infection

New WastedLocker Ransomware Distributed via Fake Program Updates

80,000 Printers Are Exposing Their IPP Port Online

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