Russian Attempts to Steal Vaccine Data Unacceptable but Have Not Done Damage: UK Security Minister

Despite Theft Allegations, Russia Hails Deal to Make UK-Developed COVID-19 Vaccine

Russia’s Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear Hacking Groups Are Under the Spotlight

Some VPN Firms Shut Down Hong Kong Servers Over Security Law Concerns

Three Trump Officials Have Now Hinted at a TikTok Ban This Month

Senior DHS Official Says Agency Not Seeing ‘Coordinated’ Foreign Election Interference

Russia Operatives Accused of 2019 UK Election Interference

Court Rules German Police Receive Too Much Data

Judge Green-Lights Facebook, WhatsApp Hacking Lawsuit Against Spyware Biz NSO
Krebs: Who’s Behind Wednesday’s Epic Twitter Hack?

Twitter Says 130 People Were Targeted in Hack

Twitter Says Attackers Downloaded Data From up to Eight Non-Verified Accounts

Twitter Says Hackers Tricked Several Employees Into Giving Them Credentials

Stolen Bitcoin From Twitter Hack Is Already Being Laundered

Cloud Biz Blackbaud Paid Ransomware Demands, Took 2 Months to Tell Customers

New Phishing Campaign Abuses a Trio of Enterprise Cloud Services: Microsoft Azure & Dynamics, and IBM Cloud

There’s a Reason Your Inbox Has More Malicious Spam—Emotet Is Back

Magento Adds 2FA to Protect Against Card Skimming Attacks

Critical SIGred Windows DNS Bug Gets Micropatch After PoCs Released

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