Krebs: Three Charged in July 15 Twitter Compromise

Used “Phone Spear Phishing” in Mass Account Takeover

Russia Pledges Reciprocal Steps After EU Sanctions for Alleged Cyberattacks

Microsoft Is in Talks to Acquire TikTok, as U.S. Considers Banning the App

Microsoft and Bytedance Put TikTok Talks on Hold After Trump Signals Opposition

Microsoft Says It Remains Committed to Reaching TikTok Deal

Microsoft Aims for a Deal

Trump Threat to TikTok Generates Storm of Criticism From Users

Ohio Researcher Admits Selling Secrets to China

Anti-NATO Disinformation Campaign Leveraged CMS Compromises

U.S. Government Sites Abused to Redirect Users to Porn Sites

Ransomware Feared as Possible Saboteur for November Election

GandCrab Ransomware Operator Arrested in Belarus
‘Payment Sent’ – Travel Giant CWT Pays $4.5 Million Ransom to Cyber Criminals

Confirmed: Garmin Received Decryptor for Wastedlocker Ransomware

Athens ISD (TX) Will Not Pay Ransom After Cyber Attack, Recovers Data

Havenly Discloses Data Breach After 1.3M Accounts Leaked Online

Canadian MSP Pivot Technology Discloses Data Breach, Failed Ransomware Attack

Telstra DNS Falls Over After Denial of Service Attack

Bypassing Windows 10 UAC With Mock Folders and Dll Hijacking

New Attack Leverages HTTP/2 for Effective Remote Timing Side-Channel Leaks

4 Unpatched Bugs Plague Grandstream ATAs for VoIP Users

QNAP Urges Users to Update Malware Remover After QSnatch Alert

Many Second Hand Phones Are Sold with Security Vulnerabilities

Infosec Researchers Turn 3D Printers Into Self-Immolating Suicide Machines

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