Russian, Iranian and Other Hackers Target 2020 U.S. Election

Crippling Cyberattacks, Disinformation Top Concerns for Election Day

Russian Hackers Targeted California, Indiana Democratic Parties

U.S. Says Iranian Hackers Behind Threatening Emails Accessed Voter Data

Most Important 2020 Election Misinformation Threat Is Not Coming From Overseas: Facebook Former Security Chief Alex Stamos

Biden Campaign Slams Facebook After Thousands of Ads Blocked by Platform’s Pre-election Blackout

Trump and Biden Official Election Apps Vulnerable to Hackers

Facing Surge in Virus, European Countries Try to Fix Their Covid Apps

Chrome Will Soon Have Its Own Dedicated Certificate Root Store

Is Cybersecurity Awareness Month Worth It?

What Are The Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Skills In 2021?

Marriott Fined £0.05 for Each of the 339 Million Hotel Guests Whose Data Was Stolen
Gold Seller JM Bullion Hacked to Steal Customers’ Credit Cards

Over 1M Lazada Redmart Accounts Sold Online After Data Breach

Sonoma Valley Hospital (CA) Hit With Cyber Attack

Chatham County (NC) Systems ‘Inoperable’ After Cyberattack

Tioga Downs Casino Resort Warns of Social Media Hack

Montreal Metro Hacker Demands $2.8m Ransom

Hacker Is Selling 34 Million User Records Stolen From 17 Companies

Wroba Mobile Banking Trojan Spreads to the U.S. via Texts

Firestarter Android Malware Abuses Google Firebase Cloud Messaging

Browser Bugs Exploited to Install 2 New Backdoors–dneSpy & agfSpy–on Targeted Computers

Windows Kernel Zero-Day Vulnerability Used in Targeted Attacks

WordPress Patches 3-Year-Old High-Severity RCE Bug

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