Zoom Lied to Users About End-to-End Encryption for Years, FTC Says

To Implement Heightened Security Program in Settlement

WhatsApp Wants to Host Your Intimate Chats: They’ll Be Deleted in a Week

First Passengers Travel in Virgin’s Levitating Hyperloop Pod System

Uber, Lyft Eager to Take California Labor Win Nationwide

Cyberattack on UVM Health Network Impedes Chemotherapy Appointments

Preventing and Mitigating DDoS Attacks: It’s Elementary

Deepfake Phishing: Is That Actually Your Boss Calling?

Man Admits to Being Part of Anonymous Cyber-Attacks Related to Dakota Access Pipeline

Paralegal Admits Role in Outing Iowa Witnesses

Krebs: Body Found in Canada Identified as Neo-Nazi Spam King

Older Android Phones Will Start Failing on Some Secure Websites in 2021

Hacked In 300 Seconds: iOS 14, Samsung Galaxy S20, Windows 10
Millions of Hotel Guests Worldwide Caught Up in Mass Data Leak

Mashable Customer Data Leaked Online

Long-Term Care Patient Info Mistakenly Released by Lake County Health Dept (IL)

Laptop Manufacturer Compal Hit by DoppelPaymer Ransomware

Ransomware Hits E-Commerce Platform X-Cart

Klamath Falls Hospital (OR) Still Struggling Through Ransomware Attack

Online Classes Resume After Cyber Attack at Saskatoon College

Malicious NPM Project Steals Discord Accounts, Browser Info

Microsoft Exchange Attack Exposes New xHunt Backdoors

Fake Microsoft Teams Updates Lead to Cobalt Strike Deployment

Ultimate Member Plugin for WordPress Allows Site Takeover

New Slipstream NAT Bypass Attacks to Be Blocked by Browsers

Google Chrome to Block Javascript Redirects on Web Page URL Clicks

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