Alibaba CEO Says China’s Draft Anti-Monopoly Rules ‘Timely and Necessary’

Democrats Accuse GSA of Undermining National Security by Not Certifying Biden Win

President-Elect Biden to Begin Formal Transition Process After Agency Ok

Lawmakers Urge FCC to Assist in Effort to Rip Out, Replace Suspect Network Equipment

European Cloud-Computing Initiative Limits U.S. Companies’ Role

FBI Warns of Recently Registered Domains Spoofing Its Sites

Tesla Model X Key Fobs Could Be Hacked to Steal Cars, Fix Released

Smart Doorbells ‘Easy Target for Hackers’ Study Finds

Apple’s Global Security Boss Accused of Bribing Cops With 200 Free iPads in Exchange for Concealed Gun Permits
Spotify Users Hit with Rash of Account Takeovers

Anonymous Hacks Uganda Police Website

Fake Minecraft Mods Swamp Over 1m Android Devices With Ads

Bristol City Council Data Breach Sends Names of Children to ‘Livid and Upset’ Parents

TA416 APT Rebounds With New PlugX Malware Variant

Israel Cyber Directorate Warns of Remotely Exploitable Drupal Flaw

VMware Discloses Critical Zero-Day Vulnerability in Workspace One

TikTok Fixes Bugs Allowing Account Takeover With One Click

Seven Debunked Myths of Cybersecurity

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