China Drafts Rules on Mobile Apps’ Collection of Personal Data

Federal Agencies Warn That Hackers Are Targeting U.S. Think Tanks

FBI Warns of BEC Scammers Using Email Auto-Forwarding in Attacks

Vietnamese State Hackers APT32 (aka Ocean Lotus, BISMUTH) Deploy Coin Miners to Victims

Zoom Impersonation Attacks Aim to Steal Credentials

Amazon Says Sellers Racked up More Than $4.8 Billion in Sales Over Weekend

Facebook-Backed Libra Association Changes Its Name to Diem

Supreme Court Weighs Breadth of Computer Hacking Law

Krebs: Bomb Threat, DDoS Purveyor Gets Eight Years
Personal Information Leaked in Suspected Cyberattack on Israeli Company Shirbit Insurance

Stuller Headquarters (LA) Hit by Cyber Attack

Electronic Medical Records Cracked Open by OpenClinic Bugs

Cayman Islands Bank Records Exposed in Open Azure Blob

Critical Oracle WebLogic Flaw Actively Exploited by DarkIRC Malware

Android Messenger App Still Leaking Photos, Videos

Salesforce to Acquire Slack for $28 Billion

Uber Completes $2.65 Billion Postmates Acquisition

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