New State Department Cyber Bureau Stirs Opposition

Lawmakers Grill NSA on Years-Old Breach in the Wake of Massive Russian Hack

Xiaomi Sues U.S. in Bid to Remove Itself From Communist Chinese Military Company List

Krebs: The Taxman Cometh for ID Theft Victims

Home Working Increases Cyber-Security Fears

Fonix Ransomware Shuts Down and Releases Master Decryption Key

Vovalex Is Likely the First Ransomware Written in D

Here’s How Law Enforcement’s Emotet Malware Module Works

Cisco’s SpamCop Anti-Spam Service Suffers an Outage After Its Domain Expired

Industrial Gear at Risk from Fuji Code-Execution Bugs

Car Makers Seek Ways to Secure Data Needed to Build Connected Services

Miss England Social Media Accounts Held to Ransom by Cyber-Attackers

Facebook Said to Consider Suing Apple Over App Store Practices

Retired Nevada Cyber-Cop Charged with Forgery and Bigamy
Malicious ‘Home Depot’ Ad Gets Top Spot in Google Search

Florida Medicaid Website Hacked for 7 Years, Hundreds of Thousands Affected

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Suffers Ransomware Attack

Asian Delivery Biz Bykea Exposes 400 Million Records in Privacy Snafu

Perl.com Domain Stolen, Now Using Ip Address Tied to Malware

Washington State Auditor’s Office Breached in Software ‘Security Incident’

Ramsey County (MN) Ransomware Attack Exposes Personal Data of Thousands

Lassen Community College (CA) Victim of Cyber Attack; Feather River College Fine Thus Far

Poor Password Security at the British Branch of Mensa?

New Pro-Ocean Malware Worms Through Apache, Oracle, Redis Servers

WordPress Pop-Up Builder Plugin Flaw Plagues 200K Sites

Microsoft 365 Becomes Haven for BEC Innovation

Windows Installer Zero-Day Vulnerability Gets Free Micropatch

Apple iOS 14 Thwarts iMessage Attacks With BlastDoor System

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