White House Names Anne Neuberger to Lead Response to SolarWinds Hack

Biden to Sign Executive Order Addressing Chip Shortage

Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Allow for Increased Use of Internet-Connected Devices

Military, Nuclear Entities Under Target By Novel Android Malware

U.N. Members Plan New Cyber Group as States Suffer Large-Scale Hacks

Illinois Is State Hit Hardest by Cybercrime

Hackers Ask Only $1,500 for Access to Breached Company Networks

Pre-Valentine’s Day Malware Attack Mimics Flower, Lingerie Stores

India Calls Out Twitter for Differential Treatment

Facebook Tries to Seize Websites Set up for Staff Security Training
Singtel, QIMR Berghofer Report Accellion-Related Data Breaches

Bannock County (ID) Notifies Citizens of Data Breach

Various Malware Lurks in Discord App to Target Gamers

TrickBot’s BazarBackdoor Malware Is Now Coded in Nim to Evade Antivirus

Buggy WordPress Plugin Exposes 100k Sites to Takeover Attacks

12-Year-Old Windows Defender Bug Gives Hackers Admin Rights

Microsoft Warns of an Increasing Number of Web Shell Attacks

Internet Explorer 11 Zero-Day Vulnerability Gets a Free Micropatch

Intel Fixes Vulnerabilities in Windows, Linux Graphics Drivers

Apax to Acquire Herjavec Group

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