Microsoft: Chinese Cyberspies Used 4 Exchange Server Flaws to Plunder Emails (Krebs)

Chinese Cyber Attack: U.S. Congressman Urges Biden to Stand by India

SolarWinds Reports $3.5 Million in Expenses From Supply-Chain Attack

Wray Hints at Federal Response to SolarWinds Hack

Microsoft Warns of Chinese Hackers ‘Hafnium’ Targeting Email Product

Microsoft Shares More on What’s Coming in Windows Server 2022

Microsoft Teams Adds End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) to One-on-One Calls

Microsoft 365 Defender Threat Analytics Enters Public Preview

Gamer Sues Microsoft Over Cyberbullying

Google Teams up With Allianz, Munich Re to Insure Its Cloud Users

Jailbreak Tool Works on iPhones Up to iOS 14.3

Medal of Honor Holders’ Identities Stolen

‘Fake Accounts Used My Pictures to Sell Sex’

Satanic Temple Loses Cyber-squatting Lawsuit

Alarming Cybersecurity Stats: What You Need To Know For 2021
Krebs: Payroll/HR Giant PrismHR Hit by Ransomware?

Malaysia Airlines Discloses a Nine-Year-Long Data Breach

Asian Food Distribution Giant JFC International Hit by Ransomware

Zee5 Once Again Caught In Data Breach; Info Of 9 Mn Users Exposed

CSX Probes ‘Security Incident’ as Hackers Leak Data

Oxfam Australia Confirms Data Breach After Stolen Info Sold Online

Millersville University (PA) Says Network Outage Was the Result of an ‘External Attack’

Ransomware Attack Shuts Down Altona Clinic (MB)

Rookie Coding Mistake Prior to Gab Hack Came From Site’s CTO

Researchers Unearth Links Between SunCrypt and QNAPCrypt Ransomware

Malicious NPM Packages Target Amazon, Slack With New Dependency Attacks

Compromised Website Images Camouflage ObliqueRAT Malware

Microsoft Fixes Actively Exploited Exchange Zero-Day Bugs, Patch Now

Google Fixes Second Actively Exploited Chrome Zero-Day Bug This Year

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