Cyber Command Chief Says Dozens of Cyber Operations Carried Out to Defend 2020 Elections

Software Vendors Would Have to Disclose Breaches to U.S. Government Users under New Order Draft

Trust No One Becomes Mantra After Massive Cyber-Attacks

In Secure Silicon We Trust

Manufacturing’s Cloud Migration Opens Door to Major Cyber-Risk

Fleeceware Apps Bank $400M in Revenue

Engineer Reports Data Leak to Nonprofit, Hears From the Police

BackBlaze Mistakenly Shared Backup Metadata With Facebook

Microsoft Offers Up To $30K For Teams Bugs
Day Before Election: Hacked Details of Millions of Israeli Voters Exposed Online

Insurance Giant CNA Hit by New Phoenix CryptoLocker Ransomware

Mobile Anesthesiologists (IL) Tech Misstep Exposes 65,000 Patient Files

QNAP Warns of Ongoing Brute-Force Attacks Against NAS Devices

Evil Corp Switches to Hades Ransomware to Evade Sanctions

Severe Vulnerabilities Patched in Facebook for WordPress Plugin

OpenSSL Shuts Down Two High-Severity Bugs: Flaws Enable Cert Shenanigans, Denial-of-Service Attacks

Cloudflare Launches Page Shield to Thwart Magecart Card Skimming Attacks

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