Suspected China Hack of Microsoft Shows Signs of Prior Reconnaissance

Commerce Dept. Still Weighing Approach to Huawei, TikTok

Key House Leader to Press For Inclusion of Cybersecurity in Infrastructure Bill

Facebook Attributes 533 Million Users’ Data Leak to “Scraping” Not Hacking

How a VPN Vulnerability Allowed Ransomware to Disrupt Two Manufacturing Plants

Did 4 Major Ransomware Groups Truly Form a Cartel?

Phishing Emails Most Commonly Originate from Eastern Europe

Google Forms and Telegram Abused to Collect Phished Credentials

Visa: Hackers Increasingly Using Web Shells to Steal Credit Cards

IT Pros Share Work Devices with Household

Microsoft’s Windows 10, Exchange, and Teams Hacked At Pwn2Own
Office Depot Configuration Error Exposes One Million Records

Consulting Firm Data Breach Included Case Information Affecting 300+ at Michigan State University

Clearfield County (PA) Cyber Attack Update

Update On PHP Source Code Compromise: User Database Leak Suspected

Fake Netflix App on Google Play Spreads Malware Via WhatsApp

Attackers Blowing Up Discord, Slack with Malware

REvil Ransomware Now Changes Password to Auto-Login in Safe Mode

New Cring Ransomware Hits Unpatched Fortinet VPN Devices

Pre-Installed Malware Dropper Found On German Gigaset Android Phones

Android to Support Rust Programming Language to Prevent Memory Flaws

Cisco Fixes Bug Allowing Remote Code Execution With Root Privileges

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