Biden Administration Kicks Off 100-Day Effort to Strengthen Cybersecurity of Power Grid

China-Linked Hackers Used VPN Flaw to Target U.S. Defense Industry

Multiple Agencies Breached By Hackers Using Pulse Secure Vulnerabilities

MI5 Warns Of Spies Using LinkedIn to Trick Staff Into Spilling Secrets

Hundreds of Networks Reportedly Hacked In Codecov Supply-Chain Attack

Hackers Use Previously Unknown Vulnerability to Target SonicWall Customers

SonicWall Warns Customers to Patch 3 Zero-Days Exploited in the Wild

North Korean Hackers Adapt Web Skimming For Stealing Bitcoin

REvil Gang Tries to Extort Apple, Threatens to Sell Stolen Blueprints

Note to Self: Create Non-Exhaustive List of Competitors (Krebs)
Threat Actor Claims to Have Hacked Domino’s Indian Branch

DeFi Protocol EasyFi Reports Hack, Loss of Over $80M in Funds

Broward County School District’s Files Leaked in $40m Ransomware Attack

Eversource Energy Data Breach Caused by Unsecured Cloud Storage

Lazarus Hacking Group Now Hides Payloads in BMP Image Files

Over 750,000 Users Downloaded New Billing Fraud Apps From Google Play Store

Fake Microsoft Store, Spotify Sites Spread Info-Stealing Malware

Microsoft Partially Fixes Windows 7, Server 2008 Vulnerability

Mozilla Fixes Firefox Flaw That Allowed Spoofing of HTTPS Browser Padlock

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