China Could Rule World’s Technology, UK Cyber Spy Chief Says

‘Quantum Computing Is Closer but Beware the Risk’

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Execs to Testify at Senate Hearing On Algorithms

Five Big Players to Watch in Big Tech’s Antitrust Fight

Twitter Accidentally Sends Suspicious Emails Asking to Confirm Accounts

Phishing Impersonates Global Recruitment Firm to Push Malware

Axis of REvil: What We Know About the Hacker Collective Taunting Apple

REvil’s Big Apple Ransomware Gambit Looks to Pay Off

Emotet Malware Nukes Itself Today From All Infected Computers Worldwide

A Ransomware Gang Made $260,000 in 5 Days Using the 7zip Utility

Turkish Crypto Exchange Boss Goes Missing, Reportedly Taking $2 Billion of Investors’ Funds With Him

Turkey Blocks Bank Accounts of a Crypto Exchange Even as It Hunts For the CEO of Another

Supreme Court Clips FTC’s Power to Police Privacy Violations

California Woman Charged with Cyberstalking Teenage Boys

Computer Security World in Mourning Over Death of Dan Kaminsky, Aged 42
Hacker Leaks 20 Million Alleged BigBasket User Records for Free

HashiCorp Is the Latest Victim of Codecov Supply-Chain Attack

Passwordstate Password Manager Update Hijacked to Install Backdoor on Thousands of PCs

French Champagne Group Laurent Perrier Has Been Victim of Cyber Attack

Scottish Election 2021: Alba Party Website Hit by Potential Cyber Attack After ‘Unusual Activity’

Yale New Haven Health Says At Least 200 Patients Were Impacted by Data Breach

Flubot: Warning Over Major Android ‘Package Delivery’ Scam

Fake Microsoft DirectX 12 Site Pushes Crypto-Stealing Malware

Oscar-Bait, Literally: Hackers Abuse Nominated Films for Phishing, Malware

Prometei Botnet Could Fire Up APT-Style Attacks

New Cryptomining Malware ‘Sysrv-hello’ Builds an Army of Windows, Linux Bots

A Clubhouse Bug Let People Lurk In Rooms Invisibly

Critical RCE Bug Found in Homebrew Package Manager for macOS and Linux

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