Justice Department to Undertake 120 Day Review of Cybersecurity Challenges

More U.S. Agencies Potentially Hacked, This Time With Pulse Secure Exploits

PortDoor Espionage Malware Takes Aim at Russian Defense Sector

China Calls Out 33 Apps for Collecting More User Data Than Deemed Necessary

Brazil’s Rio Grande Do Sul Court System Hit by REvil Ransomware

DC Police Personnel Files Obtained by Hackers in Recent Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Victims Urged to Go to Police

Ransomware Reality Shock: 92% Who Pay Don’t Get Their Data Back

Codecov Starts Notifying Customers Affected by Supply-Chain Attack

How to Stop Windows 10 Defender From Uploading Files to Microsoft

British Prime Minister’s Cell Phone Number Exposed

SAP SE Self-Reports Illegal Exports
Hotbit Cryptocurrency Exchange Down After Hackers Targeted Wallets

Your Stolen ParkMobile Data Is Now Free for Wannabe Scammers

Transportation Research Board (TRB) Registration Database Hacked in Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Gang Leaks Glasgow Homeless Firm Aspire’s Data After Refusal to Pay

Contact Tracing Data Breach Impacts 72,000 Pennsylvanians

Scripps Health (CA) Targeted by Cyber Attack

Patient Info Exposed in St. John’s Well Child and Family Center (CA) Data Breach

Virgin Active Cyber Attack Results in Freeze of Online Systems

Babuk Quits Ransomware Encryption, Focuses on Data-Theft Extortion

WeSteal: A Cryptocurrency-Stealing Tool That Does Just That

Python Also Impacted by Critical IP Address Validation Vulnerability

Office 365 Security Baseline Adds Macro Signing, JScript Protection

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