Treasury: $590M Paid Out by Victims of Ransomware Attacks in First Half of 2021

U.S. Links $5.2 Billion Worth of Bitcoin Transactions to Ransomware

REvil Ransomware Shuts Down Again After Tor Sites Were Hijacked

Twitch Says No Passwords or Login Credentials Leaked in Massive Breach

Cambridge University Pauses £400m UAE Deal Over Spyware Claim

Researchers Condemn Apple’s Proposed Phone-Scanning Features

Facebook Should Clarify Terms of Service, Irish Privacy Regulator Says
Data Stolen from American Osteopath Group

Accenture Confirms Data Breach After August Ransomware Attack

Miller County (AR) Tax Assessors Office Needs Help Retrieving Info After August Ransomware Attack

Russian Cybercrime Gang ‘MirrorBlast’ Targets Finance Firms With Stealthy Macros

TrickBot Gang Enters Cybercrime Elite with Fresh Affiliates

‘Clumsy’ BlackByte Malware Reuses Crypto Keys, Worms Into Networks

Brave Web Browser Will Add Bounce Tracking Privacy Protection

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