Blinken Formally Announces New State Department Cyber Bureau

U.S. Bans China Telecom Americas Over National Security Risks

Lawmakers Split on Next Steps to Secure Transportation Sectors Against Hackers

Hackers Had Second Go At SEPA During Cyber Attack

Android Spyware Apps Target Israel in Three-Year-Long Campaign

U.S. Launches Appeal Against UK Assange Extradition Decision

India’s Supreme Court Orders Pegasus Probe

Federal Trade Commission Scrutinizing Facebook Disclosures

Securing Your Digital Life, Part Two: The Bigger Picture—and Special Circumstances

Twitter Employees Required to Use Security Keys After 2020 Hack

Hackers Arrested for ‘Infiltrating’ Ukraine’s Health Database
Russian ‘Grief’ Cybercriminals Claim to Have Hacked the NRA

Cream Finance Appears to Have Suffered Major Loss in Flash Loan Hack

Ransomware Hackers Freeze Millions in Papua New Guinea Aid Cash

A Security Bug in Health App Docket Exposed COVID-19 Vaccine Records

Teen Rakes in $2.74M Worth of Bitcoin in Phishing Scam

DDoS Attacks Are Crippling UK VoIP Operators

War-Driving Technique Allows Wi-Fi Password-Cracking at Scale

NPM Packages Disguised as Roblox API Code Caught Carrying Ransomware

Free Decryptor Released for Atom Silo and LockFile Ransomware

Babuk Ransomware Decryptor Released to Recover Files for Free

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