Lawmakers Increasingly Anxious About U.S. Efforts Against Russian Hackers

U.S. Regulators Order Banks to Report Cyberattacks Within 36 Hours

More Than $500M for Cybersecurity Included in Sweeping House-Passed Package

U.S. SEC Warns Investors of Ongoing Gov’t Impersonation Attacks

Fake TSA PreCheck Sites Scam U.S. Travelers With Fake Renewals

Krebs: The ‘Zelle Fraud’ Scam; How it Works, How to Fight Back

Criminals Have Made off With Over $10 Billion in ‘DeFi’ Scams and Thefts This Year

Less than Half of Consumers Change Passwords Post-Breach

Indonesia Probe Police Hack in Latest Cyber Breach

Canadian Teen Nabbed in $36.5m Crypto Heist – Possibly the Biggest Haul Yet by a Single Individual

Brit Admits Role in International Movie Piracy Ring
Attempted Data Breach of Lake County (OH) Board of Elections Used to Fuel Voter-Fraud Lies

Premier Property Lawyers: Police Investigate Firm’s IT Incident

Radiology Center Utah Imaging Associates Hit by Data Breach Affecting 582k Patients

Riviera Utilities (AL) Hit by Cyber Attack Affecting Email Systems

Iran’s Mahan Air Says It Foiled Cyber Attack on Systems

Emotet Botnet Comeback Orchestrated by Conti Ransomware Gang

6M Sky Routers Left Exposed to Attack for Nearly 1.5 Years

Microsoft Exchange Servers Hacked in Internal Reply-Chain Attacks

Microsoft Authenticator Gets New Enterprise Security Features

Microsoft: Office 365 Will Boost Default Protection for All Users

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