U.S. to Lead Global Effort to Curb Authoritarians’ Access to Surveillance Tools

TSA Issues Directives to Rail Sector to Strengthen Cybersecurity

New UK Product Security Law Won’t Be Undercut by Rogue Traders Upping and Vanishing, Gov’t Boasts

Russian Internet Watchdog Announces Ban of Six More VPN Products

‘Double-Extortion’ Ransomware Damage Skyrockets 935%

Phishing Actors Start Exploiting the Omicron COVID-19 Variant

Phishing Scam Targets Military Families

Facebook Taking Steps to Secure Accounts of Activists, Journalists, Officials

Twitter Removes 3,400 Accounts Used in Gov’t Propaganda Campaigns
AT&T Takes Steps to Mitigate Botnet Found Inside Its Network

Ransomware Attack Hits French-Public School Board (ON)

New NginRAT Malware Hides as Legit Nginx Process on E-commerce Servers

Hackers Use In-House Zoho ServiceDesk Exploit to Drop Webshells

Researches Detail 17 Malicious Frameworks Used to Attack Air-Gapped Networks

Nine WiFi Routers Used by Millions Were Vulnerable to 226 Flaws

Navigating Cybersecurity Risks in International Trade

Krebs: Ubiquiti Developer Charged With Extortion, Causing 2020 “Breach”

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