U.S. Military Has Acted Against Ransomware Groups, General Acknowledges

Microsoft Disrupts Chinese Hacking Group ‘Nickel’ (aka APT15) Targeting Organizations in Dozens of Countries

Israel Tightening Cyber Exports After Scandals

Criminal Hackers Are Now Going After Phone Lines, Too

SolarWinds Hackers Have a Whole Bag of New Tricks for Mass Compromise Attacks

France Warns of Nobelium Cyberspies Attacking French Orgs

Russian Hacking Group Uses New Stealthy Ceeloader Malware

Romance Fraudster Targeted 670 Women Online
Cyber-attack Closes UK SPAR Convenience Stores

Maryland Health Department Says There’s No Evidence of Data Lost After Cyberattack

Iranians Accused of Hacking St. Charles (MO) Computers to Mine Cryptocurrency

Gravatar Profile Add-on Leaks Data on Millions of Users

Apache Kafka Cloud Clusters Expose Sensitive Data for Large Companies

WhatsApp Adds Default Disappearing Messages for New Chats

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