Officials, Experts Sound the Alarm About Critical Cyber Vulnerability

Press for Actionable Recommendations From New Cyber Advisory Committee

‘Karakurt’ Extortion Threat Emerges, But Says No to Ransomware

‘Appalling’ Riot Games Job Fraud Takes Aim at Wallets

Phishing Attacks Use QR Codes to Steal Banking Credentials

FTC: Americans lost $148 million to gift card scams this year

Australian Gov’t Raises Alarm Over Conti Ransomware Attacks

Irish Health Cyber-Attack Could Have Been Even Worse, Report Says

Happened After One Staffer Opened Malware-Ridden Email

C-Suite’s Biggest Ransomware Fear: Post-attack Regulatory Sanctions

Bitcoin Mining Has Totally Recovered From Chinese Ban

UK Court Paves Way for Julian Assange’s Extradition to the U.S.
Volvo Hit by Cyber-thieves, R&D Stolen

Brazilian Ministry of Health Suffers Cyberattack and COVID-19 Vaccination Data Vanishes

Crypto Exchange AscendEX Suspends Services After $77 Million Hack

Data Breach Impacts 80,000 South Australian Gov’t Employees

Sprawling Active Attack Aims to Take Over 1.6M WordPress Sites

Zero Day in Ubiquitous Apache Log4j Tool Under Active Attack

‘Enterprise Nightmare’

Minecraft Rushes Out Patch for Critical Log4j Vulnerability

Researchers Release ‘Vaccine’ for Critical Log4Shell Vulnerability

Microsoft: These are the building blocks of QBot malware attacks

Mozilla Rolls Out GPC for All Firefox Users, but Enforcement Limited to Two States

Earlier Schreiber Cyber Attack Causes Cream Cheese Shortage as Christmas Nears

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