Companies Face Stricter Cyber Rules in 2022

Novel Method for Detecting Evasive Malware on IoT Devices Using Electromagnetic Field Emanations

Log4j Highlights Need for Better Handle on Software Dependencies

Don’t Copy-Paste Commands From Webpages — You Can Get Hacked

Microsoft Skype Makes You Solve a Complex CAPTCHA 10 Times to Sign Up

Connecting the Dots on Diversity in Cybersecurity Recruitment

Creating the Next Generation of Secure Developers
UK Defence School Hit by Sick Cyber Attack by ‘Russia or China’ Causing ‘Significant’ Damage in Early 2021

Jerusalem Post Targeted by Pro-Iranian Hackers on Soleimani Assassination Anniversary

Portuguese Media Group Impresa Knocked Offline in Ransomware Attack

Purple Fox Malware Distributed via Malicious Telegram Installers

An Apple HomeKit Bug Can Send iOS Devices Into a Death Spiral

Microsoft Issues Fix for Exchange Y2K22 Bug That Crippled Email Delivery Service

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