Russia Steps up Attacks on Key Ukrainian Cities, Biden Warns Putin Will Pay a ‘High Price’

Russia Confirms Casualties in Ukraine Ahead of the Next Round of Talks

Russian Space Agency Says Hacking Satellites Is an Act of War

Ukraine’s Tech Workers Log Off, Take Shelter

Apple and Google Turn Off Map Features to Help Ukraine

Phishing Attacks Target Countries Aiding Ukrainian Refugees

Ukrainian Sites Saw a 10x Increase in Attacks When Invasion Started

Senate Passes Cybersecurity Bill Amid Fears of Russian Cyberattacks

Details of ‘120,000 Russian Soldiers’ Leaked by Ukraine

Swiss Bank Requests Destruction of Documents
Data Breach at OK Department of Human Services May Have Leaked Personal Information

Hackers Begin Weaponizing TCP Middlebox Reflection for Amplified DDoS Attacks

Over 100,000 Medical Infusion Pumps Vulnerable to Years Old Critical Bug

Log4shell Exploits Now Used Mostly for DDoS Botnets, Cryptominers

Attacks Abusing Programming Apis Grew Over 600% In 2021

Companies’ Code Leaking More Passwords and Secrets

AMD, Intel, TSMC, Microsoft and Others Establish Universal Chiplet Standard

As War Escalates in Europe, It’s ‘Shields up’ for the Cybersecurity Industry

EU, U.S. Close to Replacing Defunct Privacy Shield II

Krebs: Conti Ransomware Group Diaries, Part II: The Office

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